Unlawful Government Fees and Taxes on Guns, Permits and Registration

Chicago, IL—The State of Illinois like lots of jurisdictions in America want to over-regulate our rights to keep and bear arms.  Additionally they want to make us pay or face arrest and imprisonment for not submitting to their unlawful extortion demands.

The politicians and bureaucrats want to force gun owners to pay for their bogus gun control bureaucracies that they create to invade our privacy and diminish our rights.  That’s absolutely a lawless exercise.

The U.S. Supreme Court settled a similar issue long ago.  Southern politicians placed a tax on people that were voting.  There were simply called Poll Taxes.  The detractors of these taxes argued in court that they were intended to deprive poor people from voting in elections.  Poll Taxes were outlawed after the Supreme Court ruled that the right could not be taxed.

We have a specific Constitutional and clear right to keep and carry firearms.  For governmental agencies demanding payment in order to enjoy that right is nothing less than criminal extortion and racketeering.

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