Garage Storage Solutions: One-Weekend Wall of Storage

Create your own custom storage system in one weekend

This DIY garage storage system has the versatility of expensive store-bought systems, but you can make it yourself for a few hundred dollars in a single weekend.

Get more storage for less

You can drop a lot of cash on garage storage systems. Shelves, tool racks, special hooks, and other odds and ends can really add up. Our homemade system gives you the versatility of those store-bought systems without the big price tag. Our materials cost for the whole system you see here, covering 16 ft. of wall, was only a few hundred dollars. It’ll be even cheaper if you have scrap plywood and other common materials lying around.

This system is so simple and fast to build that even a beginning DIYer can complete it in a weekend. You’ll find everything you need at home centers or hardware stores. And the system is completely customizable to your specific garage and gear—you can easily move or add accessories by driving in a few screws. Transform your cluttered garage into one so organized you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Start with struts

Vertical supports

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Vertical supports[amazon asin=B000ZKCLIO&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Screw 2×2 struts to each wall stud. Snap a chalk line to align the tops of the struts and mark the stud locations with masking tape. Drill pilot holes or use “self-drilling” screws to avoid splitting the struts.

Each of these storage accessories hangs from a simple framework of vertical struts, which are just 2x2s screwed to the garage wall studs. If you use struts, you can hang something on the wall without hunting for studs, and you can screw shelf brackets and accessory hangers to the sides of them. Of course, if you have bare stud walls, you can skip the struts. We used 2x2s rather than 2x4s because they cost slightly less and have fewer knots. Just be sure you screw them in every 16 in. for extra strength. Home centers sell 2x2s in 8-ft. lengths.

Shorten or lengthen the struts to suit your garage. If you go with 6-footers like we did, you can use the leftover 2×2 scraps to build some of the accessories described in this article. It doesn’t matter if the struts are centered 16 in. or 24 in. apart. Just make sure they’re plumb by using a level.

Yard tool rack