If It’s Not About The Money . . .

Ron Martin of Frisco, Texas says his goal is the same as that of police: To encourage safe driving. But the cops’ goal, of course, is different. Their goal is revenue collection. As much of it as possible. By any means possible. “Safe driving” is the window dressing – nothing more.

Martin was arrested by Frisco police (news story here) for warning motorists of a radar trap down the road. “Police Ahead” read his sign.

Cars slowed down – before they got to the trap. Before they could be issued payin’ paper. That they slowed down – what we’re told the cops’ desire most of all – mattered not at all.

What mattered was that Martin cost them money. And that could not be tolerated. Hence, the cuffing and stuffing.

It was punitive, pure and simple. Martin caused no harm, threatened no harm. Except of course the harm he caused to the quotas and[amazon asin=0974951137&template=*lrc ad (right)] balance sheets of the Frisco police.He committed the same “crime” committed by people who flash their headlights or use a hand gesture to advise fellow motorists of the presence of pork.

If cops were really motivated by safety rather than money, they’d not only have no issue with what Martin did, they’d emulatewhat he did. They could use their mere presence to get people to “slow down.” They’dwant to be seen.

If it gets people to “slow down,” isn’t that enough?

The fact is, cops hide behind bushes with their radar guns at the ready in order to make sure you don’t slow down – not before they can issue you a ticket, that is. In a very real sense, they want you to speed – so that they can catch you doing it and make you pay for having done it. Hence all the sneaking around. The unmarked cars. The cops riding incognito in big rigs. The artfully designed cut-outs along almost every Interstate designed specifically to obscure the presence of a cop from approaching traffic.

Dirty pool, Gomez Addams would have styled it.

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