• There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be

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    Making vaccines safe by removing their toxins (greening), or telling people they have a right to look at vaccine ingredients before deciding whether to vaccinate or not may be the politically correct form of vaccination resistance. It does help avoid some of the wrath from vaccination high priests. However, the very nature of our immune systems and what vaccinations do to artificially stimulate immunity makes safe vaccinating an oxymoron.

    The Fallacy and Dangers of Artificial Immune Stimulation

    Bypassing our normal immune system pathway and inserting an artificial immune response stimulant (vaccination) with or without added toxins has inherent dangers. Few articulate this better than Dr. Suzanne Humprhies. Nature's Way Sambucus ... Buy New $17.65

    “The doctor was never taught in medical school how to take care of an immune system, so what you end up with is a whole society, from start to finish, that doesn’t know how an immune system works, that doesn’t know how to take care of it, does not know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed, when it fails, it’s God’s fault. We need a vaccine. They think Mother Nature is flawed.”

    Dr. Humphries explains further that the only thing a vaccine accomplishes as an immune response is the appearance of an antibody, and an antibody is only one small aspect of all the human immunity factors. Injecting diseased matter through the skin into the blood bypasses the normal immune system and creates an immune imbalance that can, and often does, result in infection from the disease it purports to protect.

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