80 Million Will Lose Employer-Provided Health Insurance. This Means You.

So, you think you will not receive a policy-cancellation letter, because your employer provides your coverage.

The odds say you will get that letter next year. New estimates of the number of employer-supplied policies that will be canceled indicate that 80 million will lose their coverage.

Go fish!

Will that get the attention of voters? You bet it will!

The law is on the books. It cannot be changed until 2017. Obama will veto any repeal bill.[amazon asin=B009KBLCZC&template=*lrc ad (right)]

The Senate has 15 Democrats up for re-election in 2014. So, there is a whole year for the cancellation letters to go out.

Then there is 2016.

Think of these letters as political junk mail. The Democrats passed the junk. The insurance companies will send the mail.

If these estimates prove accurate, then this will create a political re-structuring on a massive scale. Voters care about their fiscal bottom lines. When families find out that they will face healthcare insurance premium increases of several thousand dollars a year, they will send the Democrats a policy-cancellation letter.

The pain will not go away. Families will have to pay the premiums for different, far more expensive policies.

Politicians who vote for stupid laws figure that most voters will forget. Not this time.

Who in the Senate will introduce this one-sentence bill? “The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.” The man who plans to run for President in 2016.

The last major shift in political power in the United States was in November 1932. It could happen again. The House is gerrymandered. The Senate isn’t.

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