Can’t Sleep? Here are 5 Tips for Insomnia

If you have problems getting to sleep, you could be one of millions who struggles with insomnia. An estimated 9 million Americans take prescription sleep aids—sleep aids that could be linked to premature death and cancer. But if you are having difficulty sleeping, there are solutions that don’t require a doctor’s visit and a whole lot of money. Naturally balancing your lifestyle and your diet could provide the change you need to get some quality shut-eye on a consistent basis.

So what can you do to sleep better or simply sleep at all? In addition to these herbal sleep remedies, try utilizing some of the 5 tips below.

1. Get active – Maybe you can’t sleep because you simply aren’t tired or you aren’t expending enough energy throughout the day. This is a very real possibility if you spend most of your time at a desk. Those people who are physically active tend to sleep more soundly. How you workout and when you workout seem to matter less than whether you workout. So, get moving. Make an evening walk routine or get up each morning and go for a jog. Whatever you decide to do to stay active, make it a habit.

2. Meditate – Meditation is an ancient practice that works to calm the mind and the body. Research has shown that people who meditate sleep longer and better than those who do not. Not sure where to start? Try mindful breathing as a simple way to get your feet wet in the world of meditation.

3. Try lavender – Aromatherapy is a great tool in fighting insomnia and lavender is the perfect essential oil to start with. Lavender promotes relaxation and has been shown to help people fall asleep. Put a few drops in a warm bath before bed or on your pillow case to promote restful, deep sleep.

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