The Day the New America Began

All serious Americans who know much about top level politics in D.C. know that we are living in a time of political rage and madness at the top, but the mad men and women do not know they are in the grip of madness.

This is a situation very similar to the one that led to the great catastrophe of WWI when none of the people who produced it thought a catastrophe possible.

Most intelligent people, whether or not they know anything about top level politics, feel uneasy about the long run political gridlock that has led to this political crisis we face and the rage of the mad ones “managing” the crisis at the top.

I still think they will “muddle through” this latest time of gridlock, crisis and rage and go on to the next, worse one not far down our horrendously crooked road full of pot holes and swamps and fires.

But I  have been studying the final years of the U.S. Global Empire intensely and have been growing more and more uneasy with what I see being imposed on us citizens at a ferocious pace.

The government at the top–the executive, its top level secret police and military brass–have built all the crucial foundations of an American Totalitarian Police State, but left the old institutions of the Constitution, the legislature, the courts in place as iconic fronts of the original, Free America.

In the past several years the rulers at the top have been rapidly solidifying their powers, using more and more rule by dictate, going around the people, the legislatures, the courts; launching vast new central plans; invading and attacking nations at will around the world; spying on the U.S. and world in more and more open ways and using all the powers they can to stop “leaks” of the truth about this; kidnapping, extorting and murdering on direct orders from the Supreme Leader both secretly and openly; managing the media “news” in all ways, including “Wagging the Dog” with phony “terrorist attacks on us” to scare the people into submission; taking total, tyrannical control of the financial system through vast Fed and Treasury and Big Bank activities here and throughout the Global U.S. Empire; and carrying out a full-scale dress rehearsal for massive martial law takeover in Boston and a huge area around it.

Then the Leader and secret police and top brass started purging top officers, including Army Generals and Navy Admirals on secret “charges” or for minor “morals violations” which are almost universal at the top and never led to dismissal before. I felt a certain unease because it looked like a typical totalitarian purge of any possible opposition.  [amazon asin=0887388744&template=*lrc ad (right)]

Finally, in the midst of the Crisis and rage, the two top officers in direct control of all the U.S. operational nuclear weapons were summarily removed just this week from their commands for one minor gambling charge that may have been cooked up by any FBI agent “dropping a dime” on him by planting phony chips at an Iowa casino and the other on secret charges said to be minor.

The stage is set for the Final Coup, the final day of Free America and the Day of the Dawn of the New America.

All that is required to get that Final Enabling Act in place is a shocking, real threat to paralyze the people into submission while the police and military disarm them and arrest possible leader of counter-revolution and disappear them, as the military officers in Egypt trained, paid and armed by the U.S. are doing right now.

A Great Financial Implosion would be a horrendous shock and paralyze almost everyone into submission. So a Leader who is not committed to Free America can seize the situation and ‘”Save America and the World” by simply using all of these powers in place to take total power as the Fed has taken total power of the money and finance and credit and, thus, in effect the economy. The leaders of possible opposition in whatever is left of the legislatures will quickly approve The American Salvation Enabling Act to legalize the totalitarian take over.

The Day Of The New America will dawn with a vast roar of approval from the starving slaves and they will adore their Supreme Leader, as the slaves of  the Nazi, Communist and other totalitarian regimes did.

Most Americans will see this as impossible because of American Exceptionalism, the Grace of God that shines always upon us in our times of greatest peril.

This is how I have felt more or less, with misgivings as I watched the vast, frantic building of the foundations of totalitarianism in America under Bush and Obama.

I only started to take the situation as really serious when the Crisis and rage in D. C. got so serious. Then this morning I saw that the second of the two men in the military with direct control of all operational nuclear weapons has been removed on secret charges and refuses to defend himself, just as the victims of the Soviet and other purges did when their families were threatened with extinction.

Now, of course, I’m not an Extremist Nutball Conspiratorialist, so I know God will save us when nothing else seems to be doing so.

But I also think this would be a great movie script for Disney. All of this is real and people are scared. If they can get it out quick, they’ll bust all Hollywood records for audiences and profits. This makes the Cuban Missile Crisis look like a picnic on a lovely day on a Cuban beach.

I just wish I were a script writer rather than a serious social analyst.