Kentucky Trial Balloon: RFID Tracking Chips on All Guns

The Senate of the state of Kentucky wants to run an experiment. It has passed a bill that establishes a new law. As of January 1, all gun owners in one city must bring in their guns. The police will attach a battery-powered chip that will track its whereabouts. The police will charge the gun owners for this service.

Anyone who fails to do this could be fined or sent to jail.

The city chosen is Winchester. You think the politicians are not sending a message? If there had been a Kentucky city called Glock, they would have chosen it instead.

If the politicians get away with this, it is expected that the program will be imposed in every county in the state.

The preliminary report does not indicate that the governor has signed the bill into law.

If this does not lead to protests in Kentucky, gun-control lawmakers around the United States hope to get every state to impose this requirement.

Then, when confiscation day comes, the police will know where every gun is, other than those owned by criminals, who will not register their guns.

This is a trial balloon. The politicians will keep extending this law until they receive opposition sufficient to threaten their re-election.

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