Data: Americans Rejecting Mainstream Media for British Newspaper

The fastest growing “newspaper” in America is based in Manchester, England. The Internet analytics firm found that the number of visitors to the website of The Guardian grew by 1111.75% in August and an astounding 671,389.51% over the past year, signifying the desire for Americans to find real information about what’s going on.


The main word that people going to The Guardian were searching for was “Syria,” according to Compete’s blog. That would indicate Americans appreciate The Guardian’s skepticism of President Obama’s plans to attack Syria and its reputation for honest reporting. It also indicates that average Americans no longer trust their own media and are increasingly turning to a foreign news source.

In polls previously reported by Anthony Gucciardi on Storyleak, it was found that the mainstream media has virtually lost all trust from the American people.

It’s no coincidence that The Guardian has seen such explosive growth over the past year. It was Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who broke the story about the NSA documents Edward Snowden was leaking. The Guardian has been willing to print all the details of NSA surveillance and not bow to political pressure.

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