Military Now Targeting Political Activists

Are you speaking out against government corruption and insanity? As it turns out, a German report reveals you are being targeted by the United States military.

As detailed along with numerous other topics on The Alex Jones Show last week, during which I joined Alex in studio to discuss the brewing realities ignored by the mainstream media, it now is up to the foreign media to report on what’s actually happening inside the United States. One such newly released story that stems from a German newspaper details how anti-GMO activists  in particular are now the target of the US military.

What this means, of course, is that anyone opposed to biotech titans like Monsanto are now enemies of the state. Did you hear that? Opposing a corporation is now worthy of getting yourself on the wrong side of the US military. And that’s bad news for most of the United States when we consider that around 96% of voters are in favor of labeling GMOs — an act you could call ‘anti-GMO activism’. Is 96% of the population now the enemy of the US military?

I think a more accurate number may be 100% when considering the way we are all now being labeled terrorists, with DHS regulations even now classifying those who complain about their tap water as terrorists. Don’t like the horrendous pollution of your tap water? Too bad. Under the DHS, any form of activism can be labeled terrorist activity.

And this is exactly why we must continue to  intellectually fight against this madness in a way that’s stronger than ever before, more widely shared than ever before, and even more efficient than ever before. Because the moment we stop peacefully resisting as a society is the moment that the corrupt government officials advance their agenda to new heights. More spying, more terrorist classifications, more ‘security’ checkpoints under the TSA at every public event.

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