JFK-RFK-MLK??? The Questions Remain

The half-century mark since the assassination of John F Kennedy was supposed to be some kind of event. Lots of books were in the offing. Broadcasters were primed. We were going to get some really huge revelations, some kind of major step forward in coming to terms with this event that has so affected America and so divided its population.

And guess what? Eh. Basically, eh. Nothing so amazing (to be really generous), and, sorry to say, hardly anyone is paying real attention.

Hollywood and the media have produced and are producing a body of work that by and large perpetuates the official story of 1963 or threatens to further muddy the waters, while ignoring the massive amount of research – and general consensus by most researchers, the public and acongressional committee – that there’s far more to the story.

At WhoWhatWhy, we think the public has a right to something better. To real inquiry that follows fact trails wherever they go. To a kind of fearlessness in search of explanations that might not be “wise” in a conventional journalistic career but that distinguish the only kind of journalism truly worth its salt.

Over the past few years, we’ve published a number of articles on JFK (and on the equally problematical official account of his brother’s death and that of Martin Luther King).

We’re determined to do more. But it’s hard when you’re a small outfit with limited staff and financial resources. Nevertheless, we’ll keep at it.

In the meantime, here are links to relevant articles we’ve already published over the past several years. See which ones are of interest. And please spread the word by using social media and email lists to alert others.


Letters to Jackie, But What About Jack? How to Avoid the Heart of the JFK Assassination

The media can’t get enough of those Kennedys. The more banal the better. No depth, please!


Peculiar Posner

Gerald Posner, a leader in claiming Lee Harvey Oswald had no CIA ties, back after all these years, representing the Afghan president’s brother – and claiming that man has no CIA ties either.


What Obama is Up Against
Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

Ongoing threats to presidents who buck the system.


Covering up: A tale of two autopsies

The New York Times is suspicious of a government coverup, involving an autopsy! (Er, in Russia, that is.)



Roads Not Taken: John F. Kennedy, Patrice Lumumba and George H. W. Bush

One dead African nationalist, one victorious Western puppet, and two very different American presidents.


The NY Times’s Ostrich Act on JFK Assassination Getting Old

It’s not easy being the Grey Ostrich. Fifty years is a long time to keep your head in the sand.

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