The Dirty Side of Wheat

Editor’s Note: Although wheat is a great choice for adding to your preparedness supply, there is a downside to this food source. The GMO wheat that is prevalent in many of the store bought products we purchase in this country has been genetically altered to increase carbohydrates thus leading to increased health issues such as high blood sugar levels.

To ensure your bread choices are the healthiest, make sure you look at the ingredient listings. If the first ingredient is whole grains, then that is a good bread choice option. If you are not allergic to wheat, I would advocate having some whole wheat in your diet as there is nutrition in this grain, but there are alternatives available. Some healthy options are: amaranth, barley, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, rice, rye, and sorghum.


A month or so back, I went to a local spa to have a back massage; my left shoulder was bothering me. The therapist, Don, and I talked a bit and he asked what medications I was on; I told him. I told him that one of my goals was to get off those medicines by diet but I was having a difficult time with it. He spoke of a book written by Dr. William Davis, Wheat Belly. Don explained that Dr. Davis, a cardiologist, had found that eliminating wheat from one’s diet could reverse many of today’s medical problems. He has well over 2,000 patients as proof.

So I bought a copy of the book and read it immediately. I could not believe what I was reading; I had the solution in my hand. So I implemented the wheat-free diet about a month ago and can state that this works; I have dropped my blood sugar count by 19 points, some 17% in one month. I have taken myself off the Metformin that my doctor had prescribed; my blood sugars are now well within the normal ranges.

So how does this work?

Type II diabetes is defined as metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood sugar. Long term complications that can arise from the disorder can be heart disease, eye sight loss, kidney failure and poor circulation of limbs requiring amputation in extreme cases.

The occurrence of diabetes in the US remained relatively constant until the mid 1980?s.

Then things took a dramatic turn for the worse.


Diabetes in the year 2013 is as common as Coca-Cola, which by the way is sweetened with GMO high fructose corn syrup. If you are not a diabetic you probably know someone that is, or at least pre-diabetic. Depending on whose definition you read, there are approximately 85 million people with pre-diabetes or Type II diabetics in the US. That’s more than the entire US population of 1900.

So how did we get here? In a word, diet. The explosion of Type II diabetes is paralleled by a huge increase in the number of overweight and obese people. It might be more appropriate to say that the explosion of diabetes is a cause of overweight and obese people.

A trip to your local doctor and a blood test will confirm high blood sugars or you can by a test kit from most pharmacies. Modern physicians are mere pawns of the pharmaceutical industry and prescribe a pill for most everything; these doctors have little or no knowledge about diets and natural healing remedies. Physicians prescribe Metformin in most cases to reduce glucose production by the liver.

So what happens when you run out of medications and cannot get anymore?

Get Rid of The Wheat

A proper diet can and will reduce or eliminate your medication dependency; yes that’s right. You CAN get off those expensive pills by eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. How? By becoming wheat free. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Did you know that we Americans consume approximately 133 pounds of wheat per year? That equals to about 200 loaves of bread per year. Wheat is in everything processed including breads, bagels, starches, flours, beer, cereals, energy bars, processed meats, and even lipstick.

Wheat is the most consumed grain on earth. But the wheat you eat today is not the same grain that your grandmother baked with. [Editor’s note: Einkorn wheat is the closest wheat variety to heirloom] Through many years of human engineering, modern wheat has been bred to be a super carbohydrate; full of exorphins that instruct your brain to make you feel hungry.

Consuming 2 slices of bread in a sandwich will give you a spike in your blood sugar equal to 3 tablespoons of sugar, greater than a Snickers bar. This spike in blood sugar follows rapidly by hunger that is often satisfied by more carbohydrates. So the cycle continues and the person continues to eat more and gain more.

So you eat two biscuits for breakfast, two sandwiches for lunch and 4 slices of pizza for dinner not to count those two granola bars at 2 P.M. Now that’s a lot of carbohydrates in that wheat you have eaten. Your blood sugar is all over the map.

But going on a wheat free lifestyle breaks the chain. Avoid the wheat, avoid the weight, and avoid or reverse the Type II diabetes.

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