America's Social Psychosis

A few days ago a very old friend sent me an article about five shooting deaths in his small home town south of Seattle. I had not heard anything about it.

These local shootings and other violent deaths and injuries of every conceivable kind, from medical mistakes to huge industrial explosions, happen every day around America but rarely get any mention in the national Media.

Of course, these serial and mass killings are routine in America. They happen every day, but get no mention nationally. Bank robberies and bomb threats are routine. My daughter just sent us an article about a bank robbery with bomb threat in Marin County, across the Golden Gate from San Francisco, reported in the Marin Indep. Jour. Yesterday the San Diego Union-Tribune reported another San Diego P.D. police killing. A woman with a knife who may have stabbed some family member[s?] was found by the police when they arrived at the scene with a knife, she would not put it down, so they shot to kill, not to wound and disarm. SOP, everyday stuff. I’ve written about the killings in our very rich La Jolla neighborhood, including the shooting death of the former head of the Afghan National Bank across our back fence, just about 50 ft. from our house, a few years ago. Throughout my life, especially when young living in poor neighborhoods, I knew of many violent fights and deaths involving family members and neighbors. SOP.

We now know the police and D.A.’s imprison many hundreds of innocent people even for murders, later proven to be innocent by pro bono legal workers. They also kill hundreds of innocent people every year, maybe some thousands. No one knows how many.

Every day the U.S. drones and armies and spies and totalitarian puppet regimes and terrorist guerrillas around the world kill and maim and imprison illegally hundreds of victims, sometimes thousands.

Every day medical mistakes, overdoses, negligence, criminal negligence and even homicide kill between 300 and 600 Americans. [The studies at Harvard Med., etc., show the total per year to be between 100,000 and 200,000 even using only official medical records to estimate the causes of death, so many are missed by medical lies in the official data, non-reporting, etc.] I have written about the medically caused deaths and catastrophes suffered by friends and their families – and three catastrophes suffered by me, one of which I think was very dangerous to me, but after immense suffering I was released from the hospital to suffer chronic pain and psychic wounds from it.] This past week alone I learned of three more serious mistakes and negligence close to us – one life long friend, one husband of a friend of my wife, one sister of my wife. SOP.

Industrial accidents, even huge explosions, kill and maim many people every day on average. Road accidents kill and maim about a hundred Americans a day and almost all of us have lost friends and family members to them. Suicides kill about twice as many and homicides about half as many every day on average. Far more are maimed by suicides, shootings, knifing, beatings and so on.

All of this gets almost no national coverage. We all suffer greatly from such events throughout our lives.

But every few years the FBI-CIA and other armies of secret police and the White House and Pentagon and Big Media go into a vast uproar internationally over a “terrorist bombing” that kills none or three and injures dozens, which the secret police may have helped create or simply let go on to produce the up-roar. Then they insist the whole society must be made secure from such rare events by eliminating more Constitutional rights, as if there were any left to eliminate, and more vast sums spent to make us all safe from a few psychotic Chechens or Saudis, which earlier vast sums and vast armies of secret police did not keep us safe from.

One such event over many years led to the lockdown of the huge city of Boston for two to three days, schools and universities were closed, Amtrak from Boston to New York was closed, Black Hawk gun ships patrolled the skies, vast armies of military and police rushed through a huge area, armored cars patrolled streets, armies of swat teams used assault rifles to riddle possible hiding places, the whole population was put at risk from lack of food and medical attention, and accidents, and heart attacks from the officially induced terrors, and the Media went berserk with national coverage around the clock for these catastrophic official actions.

All of these are everyday indices of a society that is obviously psychotic. This Social Psychosis is SOP in totalitarian societies but I know of no other society which has gone to such extremes of vast mobilization and Media terrorism for such a local, relatively small crime. In any big city like San Diego we have had vastly greater crimes which never involved shutting down anything but the immediate locale of the crimes. James Huberty’s mass murder by rifle fire killed 21 people, including 5 children, and injured 19 others in a southern suburb of San Diego [San Ysidro] in July of 1984, but San Diego was not shut down and the mass murder, while six times worse than the Boston killings recently, has been all but forgotten. Other mass murders, accidents and so on have been much worse without shutting down cities, trains, schools, universities or calling out the military, armor, Black Hawks, and going berserk in the Media.

A few people or even large armies of real terrorist bombers can never destroy or seriously threaten America unless they get weapons of real mass destruction from one of the totalitarian governments like the U.S. Even setting off a nuclear bomb in Washington would have only a serious short run effect. The U.S. killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Japanese children and women and old people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in a few minutes of nuclear incineration. Those had serious short run effects, but Japan was soon immensely stronger.

The only people who can destroy the U .S. are the psychotic U.S. officials filled with the hubris of absolute power, which drives them insane.

All sane Americans want all of these vast killings and woundings and other atrocities that happen routinely in America to stop. But no sane American wants to go berserk over one such event in Boston, shut down the city and transport and schools and send in vast armies of overt and secret police and armored military forces and murder more of the Constitution to stop a few psychotic murderers. Only the psychotics ruling our society and the ignorant citizens they terrify with their Media insanity want those ghastly things.

And anyone like me who points out these obvious indices of America’s Totalitarian Social Psychosis is immediately branded by the psychotics as “one of the terrorists” or “NUTS.” This is actually a tribute to our sanity from the obviously insane. But it is also a grave warning that America is now ruled by psychotics who are destroying our nation.