• Manvotional: The Coming Man of the World

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    The Coming Man of the World
    By: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    c. 1891

    Oh, not for the great departed
    Who formed our country’s laws,
    And not for the bravest-hearted
    Who died in freedom’s cause;
    And not for some living hero,
    To whom all bend the knee,
    My muse shall raise her song of praise,
    But for the Man to be.

    For out of the strife which women
    Are passing through today,
    A man that is more than human
    Shall surely be born, I say;
    A man in whose pure spirit
    No dross of self will lurk,
    A man who is strong to cope with wrong,
    A Man who is proud to work.

    A man with hope undaunted,
    A man with God-like power,
    Shall come when he is wanted,
    Shall come at the needed hour.
    He shall silence the din and clamor
    Of clan disputing clan,
    And toil’s long fight with purse-proud might
    Shall triumph through this Man.

    I know he is coming, coming,
    To help, to guide, to save.
    Though I hear no martial drumming
    And see no flags that wave.
    But the great soul-travail of woman,
    And the bold, free thought unfurled,
    And heralds that say he is on the way,
    The coming Man of the world.

    Mourn not for the vanished ages
    With their grand, heroic men,
    Who dwell in history’s pages
    And live in the poet’s pen.
    For the grandest times are before us,
    And the world is yet to see
    The noblest work of this old earth
    In the Men that are to be.

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