Anti-Snore Ring That's Given Rosie Silent Nights: £30 Silver Device Fixed Husband's Grumbles With a Little Acupressure

Living with a snoring partner can be nothing short of torture.

But former BBC journalist Rosie Millard claims to have found a cure to a problem which plagues millions of couples.

Miss Millard says she was forced to search for a remedy after her husband recently began to snore, preventing her from sleeping.

Rather than use remedies such as nasal strips and mouth sprays, the mother of four says she persuaded her husband, 53-year-old TV producer Pip Clothier, to try the Good Night Snoring Ring, which works by applying acupressure to the wearer’s finger.

She claims that the £30 silver device fixed the problem almost immediately.

On her website, 47-year-old Miss Millard, BBC art correspondent between 1995 and 2004, said: ‘Mr Millard didn’t always snore. But recently, it’s been a bit noisy chez nous. So, he has tried two things. This is the first. The Good Night Snoring Ring.

‘As you can see, the ring has a little dimple on one side, and a sort of shelf on the other. These are crucial. They are twin acupressure points.

‘Rather like those car-sickness bands which press key positions on the underside of your wrist (and work brilliantly), the snore ring does the same on your finger.

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