by James Altucher

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I’m throwing out all my clothes and books and most of my projects and thoughts.

I’m sick of most of the things I own. What do I really need them for anyway. Are they really that important?

Most of my books were swept away in Hurricane Sandy. And all my pants have holes in them. What else?

I have some white shirts, some black pants and a sweater or two.

But I want to take it further. I don’t want to live in a home.

So Claudia and I have been doing a little bit of experiment. In the past few months we’ve stayed via AirBnB in Encinitas. Venice, Austin, Miami, and NYC. We’ve used Zipcar when we’ve needed a car. We use kindle when we read books. Eventually I will stop renting my place and just do short-term AirBnB everywhere.

I’ve mostly replaced my laptop and ipad and phone with the Samsung Note II (and random Kinkos or business centers).

I don’t really collect anything. And I don’t need any extra coffee blenders or whatever you call them.

Do I work? I like to deliver value. And value makes money. I get brain-gasms when I help people.

But I don’t believe in meetings. Or phone calls. Or emails.

When I am in a meeting I am specifically not getting anything done. I have one trick to get things done: I make 5 introductions a day. I listen to people’s issues and either help them on the spot or introduce them to people who could. Then I step out of the way.

This works out very well. I like doing my job.

I wish I could get a job that pays me everytime I wake up at three in the morning and worry. But I don’t think anyone wants to pay me for that. I would ROCK at that.

Sometimes “Less” get very granular. Like if I find myself worrying about the future, I whisper “Less” and remind myself I don’t need to be so anxious. I’m a horrible predictor of the future anyway.

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