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How serious are Americans about buying guns? Enough to apply for a background check to buy one.

How many Americans have applied for a background check since the day Obama was inaugurated?

Go on. Guess.

The answer: over 70 million.

Think about this. Over 70 million adult Americans went to the trouble of identifying themselves as gun owners.

This sends a message to Congress: “Don’t mess with our guns.”

This sends a message to gun control advocates: “You haven’t got the votes.”

Talk about futility. Gun controllers say that they represent the true feelings of Americans on guns. But where is their evidence? How many voters have signed petitions against gun ownership? Not 70 million.

How many Americans registered for background checks under all four years of Bush’s presidency? About 35 million. But the sign-ups are just getting started for Obama. He has over three more years. Will it hit 100 million? Let’s hope so.

The gun controllers have pushed the hot buttons of 70 million Americans. They got the opposite reaction from what they expected.

Keep it up, guys! You cannot win. You are making it easier for us Second Amendment voters.

Send a message to Feinstein. Buy a gun. At least buy some ammo.

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April 5, 2013

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