Why Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly Is Out as the New Face of Gun Control Propaganda

Say it ain’t so! Just one day after railing for a ban on so-called assault weapons, high capacity ammunition magazines and expanded background checks on simple family gun transfers it seems our retired space cadet Mark Kelly was buying the very guns he has been castigating.

Right now gun control has no face since Sarah Brady simply got too old and had to retire. Gabby Giffords might be a natural choice because she got newfound fame for being the target of an armed madman. Sadly Gifford’s injuries have robbed her of her ability to handle the duties required. Currently here is no famous face of a knowledgeable and dedicated gun banner to take on that role. The right quasi-celebrity could garner a large paycheck along with a high profile. The gun banners had high hopes that Mark Kelly could fill Sarah Brady’s shoes.

Gabby Giffords was not exactly a supporter of Obama style gun control. She actually had her own concealed weapon permit but unfortunately she chose to attend that fateful meet and greet event unarmed and defenseless. The Democratic Party begged her to help them with their cause after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Giffords and her husband opted for the anti-gun spotlight. Apparently their personal convictions simply did not mirror their new high profile propaganda effort.

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