Whatever the US Government Is Planning, It Is Already Practicing

One thing we have learned since 9-11 is that government agencies practice whatever schemes they have in mind before they occur. Take for instance the events that took place prior to the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 9-11-2001.

The US Marines already had a biological response team named “America’s 911 Response Force,” a name for this military unit that was coined a year prior to the events that unfolded on 9-11-2001. This same unit of 350 US Marines practiced handling a crisis on the streets of New York City on September 11, 1998. The drill even included handling the unexpected collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Believe it or not, this US Marine force even had a patch on their uniforms showing the World Trade Center twin towers!

So skip forward to the present time with me. I read a disturbing report in the Daily Mail, a UK publication. Dated March 8, 2013, the Daily Mailarticle describes a US Army Special Forces unit that had cancelled plans to conduct an exercise in Utah where infiltrators would be employed to “tame an indigenous population.”

The Daily Mail article said: “The town of Manti, Utah was targeted and deemed an ideal location because of the desert landscape and the strong religious conviction on its residents. The exercise, named Robin Sage, is a component of Phase Four training for Army Special Forces soldiers, also known as the Green Berets.”

The idea of the planned exercise was to use three teams of 12 soldiers who were trained to mobilize “foreign guerrilla fighters” similar to the way Allied Forces recruited French resistance fighters during WW II. Plain-clothed soldiers would depend upon civilian allies for food, lodging, transportation and supplies. Civilians would be coaxed into turning against any insurgents. These teams of US soldiers would be armed, but carry no live ammunition. But another news report said: “Residents may hear blank gunfire and see occasional flares.” The exercise may be re-scheduled next year.

An Army colonel explained that: “Utah is unique because it was founded with a religious background that can present some ‘cultural norms’ unfamiliar or unique so as to cause the soldiers to adjust their points of view in order to complete the mission; similar to what the forces might encounter in other countries.”

This is not the only such US Army Special Forces exercise of its kind. A similar exercise is now underway in North Carolina using troops from Fort Bragg.

The exercise would target the fictional country of Pineland which encompasses 15 counties in North Carolina. During this exercise, these future Special Forces Soldiers “will infiltrate areas in small groups and train guerilla forces to independently and effectively use tactical force to liberate Pineland,” says a published report.

If what you have already read isn’t troubling enough, an online news report says in January the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point released a studyTuesday warning against American “far right” groups including the “anti-federalist” movement and strong limited government activists.

I thought the US Constitution was all about “limited government?”

Public unrest predicted

There is no hiding the fact there is prediction of considerable public unrest when the day comes the US cannot meet its promised obligations to its citizens. According to economist John Williams the US is running a $6.8 trillion annual budget deficit, over and above what it collects in taxes, largely to meet its financial obligations for Social Security and Medicare.

Williams and others predict the charade of recovery and normalcy in the American economy, foisted off on the public by keeping the stock market artificially propped, cannot go on much longer.

What will happen if and when Food Stamp cards cannot be honored and pension checks not dispensed? Instead of heading off such a crisis by sending crooks to jail and invoking real reform in banking and currency, which might include backing the currency with gold and abolition of fractional banking, it appears the US is intentionally steering the country towards civil unrest.

Instead of enacting tax reform, the federal government points fingers at US corporations that have $20 trillion stashed in offshore accounts. These US corporations aren’t evading taxes, they are legally avoiding taxes. Reduction of corporate taxes would free-up much of this money, make US corporations more competitive in world markets, and return needed capital to US soil. So why isn’t thing being done?

What is left is an economy that currently depends on consumer spending for 70% of its GDP, a consumer economy that largely relies upon borrowed or electronically printed money (food stamps, pension checks, Medicare payments, military spending). Take that out of the economy and it will be gutted. America has a false economy and is living a lifestyle it hasn’t earned. It long ago reached a point where it can’t pay back what it has borrowed.

The US government is letting the American people know it has black hawk helicopters and drones that can fly over the US. The US Military has already conducted drills in Boston, Los Angeles and Miami under the guies of preparation against terrorist attacks. Intimidation and fear are already being programmed into the population.

Collecting evidence before there is a charge

The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) located in an unmarked building in McLean, Virginia, was established by Presidential Executive Order 13354 in August of 2004, under the pretense of protecting the public from potential terrorist attacks. The NCTC has been granted sweeping authority to monitor and store data on innocent Americans. It is keeping information about Americans for up to five years, using “predictive pattern-matching” to analyze for potential patterns of behavior.

Also license plate information is being gathered in a massive effort to monitor the movement of Americans.

However, the NCTC couldn’t even use its intel to intercept the so-called underwear bomber before he got on a plane a few years ago.

If you would like to see inside the creepy “war room” at the NCTC, you can get a look online here.

Just where does the 4th Amendment to the Constitution come into play here? (“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”)

Government will create an incident

There is discussion from many quarters that the US will not wait for unrest but actually dispatch agent saboteurs and conduct a false flag operation to cover for the collapse of the US economy. Historically leaders of nations that are in financial trouble have learned to launch wars to cover for their ineptness and fraud. But the American masses appear to be oblivious to all this.

Senator Tom Coburn predicts a day in the near future, if the US has not already launched its own false flag operation to usher in martial law, when one of our creditor nations like Japan, that is holding over $1 trillion of US IOUs (US Treasury Bills), decides to sell them off at a discount, recognizing they will never be repaid in full by the US. Then the value of the US dollar plunges regardless of all the money printing, accounting irregularities, money laundering and release of false unemployment and inflation numbers going on in the US today.