The Killers Among Us

by Robert Wenzel Economic Policy Journal

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      Ron Paul was condemned by the usual suspects when he tweeted in the aftermath of the killing of Chris Kyle: "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword." But the words tweeted by Dr. Paul have a much deeper meaning than appreciated by those who attacked him. Indeed, they have very important meaning in the United States, where government plays such a major role.

The words, of course, were originally spoken by Jesus, but regardless of the religious views or beliefs one holds, the deep meaning of the words should not be ignored. If you go around punching people, you are likely to get punched. If you go around slashing people with a sword, there is a chance you are going to slashed.

The killer of US government sniper Chris Kelly was a killer trained by the US government.

It’s not commonly understood in its simplest terms, but governments need killers, especially governments that view themselves as major players on a global scale. The US government sees itself as such a global scale player. And, thus, it needs to train many killers. It needs to rip out the civility of modern man that exists in its new soldier recruits and turn them into unquestioning killers.

The military is not successful in doing this with all. Not all brains are wired the same. Some become so revolted by what they are asked to do that they commit suicide. It happens everyday in the military.

Others, wired in a different way, take the lessons to kill and use them in unexpected ways. The killer of sniper Kelly was the US trained Marine killer, Eddie Ray Routh. His mind twisted by the stress of learning to be a killer, and killing, snapped in some unknown fashion and killed his supposed buddy, sniper Kelly.

If you go around training people to kill, some may well try and kill you with the lessons they have learned. That appears to be what Routh did. That’s a problem for governments that train killers.

As I write this, Christopher Jordan Dorner is at-large. He was trained by both the Los Angeles Police Department and the US military. He is a skilled marksman, with special abilities as a sniper and weak hand shooting. This week he turned his skill inward, against government representatives and their families. He has killed policemen and family members of police. Asked by a reporter why he should be considered extremely dangerous, the police chief of one Southern California city replied, "Because we trained him." No truer words have ever been spoken by a government official.

If you live by training killers, you may die by those trained killers. The United States is training killers.

But there’s more.

The US government in its role as the nanny state, and in cahoots with big pharma, now doles out medications in an attempt to control the behavior of many young minds. Often the most energetic minds, and those least willing to sit still to listen to government propaganda all day long, are the ones pumped with drugs. But just as with government’s training of killers and the way the training has different impact on different minds, the medications to force students to sit still all day, doesn’t have the same impact on all the same way. The medications will turn some into killers, as witnessed by the killings at Columbine, Aurora and Newtown. Force medications on some students to make them sit still for hours, and some will find ways to break through those mental prisons, sometimes with guns blazing.

Walk into inner cities and you will find students poorly educated by government, who can’t get a job because of government minimum wage laws, who are left with few alternatives but to sell drugs. Because government bans the sale of non-prescription drugs, it is a dangerous business. If you are caught selling drugs, you will do major time, and so you will kill those who might rat on you. It creates tough young kids, who don’t put a high value on life and so it will result in gun battles for turf.

Yes, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. And the government of any nation that lives by preventing youth from getting jobs may likely see death as blowback on that nation and that government. The government of any nation that lives by attempting to drug up its youth should not be surprised when a few react with super aggressiveness against that drugging. And a government that trains many, many, many killers, should not be surprised when a few of those government trained killers turn their killing inward inside the nation.

This type killing won’t stop until killers are no longer trained by government, until big pharma drugs are no longer forced upon youth and until the inner youth are free to seek jobs and apprenticeships at any any wage.

Until current government policies are changed in a major way, the government will create killers, in one fashion or another. These killers will roam among us and they will continue to kill.

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.

2013 Economic Policy Journal