Virginia Father Shoots and Kills Two Men Who Break Into His Home

by David Higginbotham

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A 25-year-old father opened fire on three armed intruders, who kicked open his door in the middle of the night Sunday, killing two in the process. Now he, his son, girlfriend and mother have relocated out of fear the third man will come back.

The incident happened around 3:30 in the morning when the trio kicked in the front door. The young father told the local CBS affiliate that “it sounded like a car running into the side of the house.” The crash woke him and his two-year-old son, who was sleeping next to him, up. The father then grabbed his gun, which was located nearby, and when he saw the armed intruders, opened fire.

One suspect fell dead inside the house while the other collapsed in the front lawn. The third suspect fled on foot as the father dialed 911.

The Prince Edward County Sheriff’s deputies that responded to the 911 call used dogs to search for the third suspect, the Richmond Times Dispatch reports, and were able to track the suspect to a highway, where they believe he fled in a vehicle.

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