Son Shoots Home Invader, Saves Parents

by Daniel Terrill

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The 21-year-old son of eastern European parents in Houston, Texas opened fire on three gunmen after they forced their way into the family’s home, killing one intruder and saving his parents in the process Friday night.

Around 8 o’clock the doorbell rang at the family’s home in Harris County. While the mother was baking a cake, the father went to get the door. He peered through the peephole and saw three young men on the other side. Thinking they were friends with his son, he opened the door. As he cracked the door just a little bit, one of the young men pushed his way inside and shoved a pistol in the father’s face, Harris County Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Greg Pinkins told local media.

The mother told the Houston ABC affiliate that the father started yelling, “Go to the bedroom and get the gun,” as he was forced to the ground. Suspects tried to bind his hands with duct tape, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The mother and son did as his father instructed. They ran to the bedroom to grab the gun, which was stored under the bed. One of the men was chasing the mother and grabbing at her while yelling, “I’m not going to hurt you. Lay down!” The mother and the intruder made it to the bedroom, but the son was already there with the gun in hand. He fired several shots, and the suspect collapsed and died right there beside the bed on the carpet.

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