Observation on School Shooting


In reviewing the list of Connecticut school shooting victims an observation occurred to me which seems to have received little attention or commentary.

All of the adult victims were female. There were evidently no adult males present at the school. The reports suggest plausible but probably unverifiable actions by the female teachers and principal to heroically stop the shooter. And as usual, rifle toting SWAT teams wearing bulletproof vests and military helmets showed up only to escort surviving children off the premises. Police did nothing to stop the massacre. Security as Security Theatre once again.

What we know about school rampage shooters like this one is that they are always perpetrated by young males with poor interpersonal skills and no emotional bonding. Most are reported as having few if any close friends or any female friends or companions of any kind. In this current case we know that this deranged young man harbored murderous hatred for his mother, whose crime was enabling him to live at home as a jobless, friendless loner and loser.

Nearly all (government) secondary schools, particularly at the elementary level, are overwhelmingly staffed by women at all levels. Probably on the order of 90-100% (excluding custodians, who may not be on premises during school hours).

So elementary schools are full of young children and unarmed women. While there are notable exceptions (ex military, law enforcement, firearms enthusiasts, martial arts hobbyists, etc.) most women have relatively little physical strength, are smaller than most adult males and have little or no capability to exercise unarmed self defense.

We also know that most young adult males do not physically fear women as assailants or regard them as able to provide effective self defense in the event of attack (unless armed.) Psychologically many young men (such as this shooter) are raised in single parent homes, usually by their mother. At some point they lose respect for their mother's ability to physically stop them from acting out.

The educational establishment is largely blind if not approving of the near total feminization of secondary education, particularly at the elementary level. There is also monolithic opposition in many places to armed security of any kind on school premises, other than in some tough inner city environments which may have full time police.

So if you are a deranged young man with "mother issues" and a disconnect from humanity, where do you go to perpetrate your violent fantasy? How about a large building full of young children and unarmed, defenseless women?

While it isn't politically incorrect to observe that all of these killers are male, it isn't polite to observe that a) many young men disrespect women (in general) and b) aside from convents, there are few places in most communities where adult men are not present during working hours other than at elementary schools. And even the smallest community has an elementary school. Since male coaches are rare at the elementary level, even this male resource is absent.

While there are other significant drawbacks to the near total feminization of secondary education in America – lack of male role models, inability to discipline unruly children – the most dangerous one is what we witnessed in Connecticut.

Lambs to the slaughter. While presence of unarmed males is no guarantee of successful self defense against a determined armed young male intruder, the fact that adult males are on premises serves as a valuable psychological deterrent. In prior school shootings male teachers and administrators were able to stop or mitigate assaults. At least male presence brings forth doubt in a potential killer's mind about whether he will encounter effective opposition to his murderous plan. A young man will fear other (older) males in ways he does not fear females. This is biological instinct. It cannot be overcome by mere feminist "women can do anything men can do" theory taught to young males.

Banks have uniformed security (usually male) mainly as a psychological deterrent for bank robbers. Adult males on school grounds provide the same benefit. Armed adults (of either gender, known to be so) would work even better.

If you force yourself to think like a crazed punk fantasy role-playing male bent on blood drenched notoriety, you will want testosterone laden beef on the hoof around your children. Preferably trained and carrying firearms, but at the very least, visible and able to react. Otherwise you present these evil (young male) monsters with exactly what they want: weak defenseless victims as props in their real life nightmare.

What price has feminist orthodoxy exacted with the blood of innocent victims, women and children?