Sixty Years Later Why Am I a Veteran?


In January 1953, I was separated from the army after having served two years as a draftee during the Korean, so-called, police action. Back then, I simply did what my three older brothers did during WWII, and what my father did during WWI. Namely, they went off to war believing they were doing so in the defense of their country. My three younger brothers were yet to serve in the armed forces.

Now it is sixty years later and I have learned much about how those, and every other war, we have been in, and are currently involved in, came to pass. We now know, or should know, we didn't become veterans to defend our country. Veterans of all these conflicts should be appalled by how they were manipulated into fighting wars to totally serve Banking Class interests. That this is still happening is beyond the pale. Further, the military we once felt pride in being part of, is today once again being turned against the people of our country. (See the real history of the Civil War)

Hark back to that historically un-American period between the end of George Washington's presidency and the beginning of that of Thomas Jefferson. During that period John Adams occupied the office of president. He introduced and enforced the Sedition Act because he couldn't tolerate open criticism of the way he conducted the office of president. Vice President Thomas Jefferson was openly against this Act since it was a clear violation of the constitution. When he became president he dissolved the Sedition act and pardoned all people imprisoned by it.

We generally aspire to live by Jeffersonian standards in spite of the fact that a strong central government opposes these standards unmercifully. The civil war was fought against Jeffersonian standards. Abraham Lincoln far from being the great emancipator, we were taught to believe in state controlled schools, was in fact an outspoken supporter of slavery and of a strong central government. The constitutional embrace of secession was virtually set aside by Lincoln, and ever since it has been the goal of government to keep it that way. The Civil War was perhaps the greatest travesty visited upon the people in history.

Then we come to the Spanish American War where in we see the first international effects of how banking interests engineer war for their benefit. Beginning the creation of an American empire by conquering Spain and taking many of its possessions provided American banks with new places to financially exploit. To be sure, no one can advance a logical argument for commencing that war. The sinking of the Maine has long been identified as a red herring. However, this war saw the deployment of American armed forces to do what the elite power structure wanted and would profit from. Thus we began a new chapter in American veteran's affairs. Namely the creation of American veterans of foreign wars: as if this connotation gives credibility to using Americans to enrich the elite.

Moving on into the twentieth century we find the most flagrant national abuse by banking interests. Much has been written about the roll played by JP Morgan in many of the major events leading up to American entry into, and in the conduct of, WWI. Engineering the election of Woodrow Wilson, establishing E Mandel House (with ties back to the Rothchild financial empire as was, also, the case with Morgan) as the principle advisor to the president, realizing the coveted creation of a Central Bank, colluding with powerful interests in Great Britain and France to manipulate America's entry into the war, being the principal financier and procurer of military supplies, using the central bank to create money to finance the war and pay foreign loans to Morgan and other Federal Reserve Banks, all added up to perhaps the greatest amount of treasonous activity perpetrated by one man in the history of this country. That he was able to do what he did and stay under the radar while doing so, speaks to the ability of a u2018strong central government' to control the flow of information and control its citizen's ability to speak out. Once again we see the enactment of a sedition act to do just that. The take-away on all this is that we all grew up respecting and honoring those who went to war, but we all have been grossly misled – especially the veterans themselves.

Moving onto WWII, we see a similar pattern with the main players again being the Banking Interests. This time JP Morgan is joined by JD Rockefeller each of whom had major foreign investments to protect. Morgan's in Europe, and Rockefeller's in the far east. This time, aided and abetted by another supportive administration led by FDR. Once again, we as a country were manipulated into another war we had no legitimate reason to become involved in. It is widely known that FDR instigated the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then he withheld information that the Japanese attack was about to happen. The end result of the treachery involved was, once again, beating the drums of patriotism and the creation of yet more American veterans.

Still, we as a people largely supported our government as patriotic Americans. Little did we realize how badly we the people were being used by the powers that be to enrich themselves, and in the process expand the government in size and power.

Now we come to the debacle in Korea. As a young twenty-two year-old, I was troubled by the glaring inconsistencies with respect to the idea of being drafted four years after the end of the war to end all wars! Not to mention, having heard over and over during WWII that your loved ones are fighting this war so their loved ones will never have to do so again. While the irony of those thoughts wasn't lost on me, any understanding of what the game in play was all about, certainly never surfaced in my young misinformed mind. Of course, back then the cannon-fodder of the day was just as uninformed as their predecessors. This condition reached a definite breakthrough with the advent of the Vietnam War.

With the escalation of the war in Vietnam, many young people simply rebelled at the idea of serving in the military. This was not in deference to any understanding of who was benefitting from another war, but simply because those many young people were in open rebellion to fighting in a war that to them made no sense. In spite of this the war played on, and many new veterans entered the American scene. All the while, the aptly named Military/Industrial Complex grew larger and richer as the government grew larger and more powerful. At this point, even a small amount of introspection should have led to the question. Who Benefits?

At this juncture in this quick trip through American wars, it is interesting to note that many of the draft resisters of the Vietnam era evolved into fearless warmongers aptly referred to as u2018Chicken Hawks'. These people led us into Kosovo, Iraq and all the subsequent wars we have experienced in the twenty-first century. Again it is important to ask. Who Benefits?

Note: Having learned that a draft is tantamount to a political third rail, when it comes to expanding the military, the government resorted to other means. Well, perhaps conveniently, unemployment solved that problem. This after activating many state national guard units. However, we now see a possibility that a strong and degenerate military force may be turned inward and used against the civilian population – including all its veterans!

So, here I am, sixty years later with my eyes wide open to the game in play. Knowing this is small satisfaction. Since there is little that I as an individual can do about it. However, I do feel compelled to attempt to inform other veterans, and would be veterans, of what we all have experienced, and hopefully have learned from, in my case over the past sixty years.

The literature, and certainly the Internet, contains all the supporting details for the statements made herein. If you find what you have read here disruptive to your beliefs and understanding, it is highly recommended you do the research and come to your own conclusions of how we as a people, and especially as veterans, have been unmercifully played by the powers that be.