's Nice List: 5 Well-Behaved Concealed Carry Guns

by David Higginbotham

I don’t know much about the Nice list, as I’ve never actually been on it myself. But I’m told there’s a flip side to the record. And I think I know nice when I see it.

Many companies have made some genuine contributions to the market this year. My Naughty list tended to focus on some traditional designs that have been made unnecessarily tactical. The list will focus on some concealed carry guns that have made major contributions to self defense.

1. The Beretta Nano

Beretta knocked one out of the park with the Nano, which became widely available in 2012. This 9mm isn’t as compact as the 9mm gets, but it is close, and easy enough to conceal. And with an MSRP of $475, it isn’t going to set you too far back.

There are two things that define the Nano for me. The first is the gun’s reliable accuracy. It shoots very well for a gun with a 3-inch barrel. The sights are functional. The ergonomic feel of the Nano is ideal, which makes point shooting easy at close range. And the snag free exterior means drawing from a IWB holster happens gracefully. If you are looking for a 9mm for concealed carry, try the Nano. I have yet to meet anyone who has been disappointed.

2. The Colt Mustang

Colt knows single action pistols. Though the original Mustang had its issues, the new one seems to be perfect. It is single action, and a .380, so it will have a hard row to how with some folks. But this is the best of the truly pocket sized .380s I’ve ever handled.

The fit of the gun is superb. The aluminum is more substantial than polymer, and the result is a gun that feels like an honest gun. And this thing shoots to point of aim better than most pocket pistols. Still, it costs twice as much, too. With an MSRP of $615, a Mustang can set you back. But it is an investment, of sorts, and will hold its value well.

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