Carpe Media

by Brian Wilson

Recently by Brian Wilson: The Presidential Debate #2

By now, most astute LRC readers have had it up to here with The Fiscal Cliff. Add to that: Fast & Furious… Benghazi… Susan Rice… Petraeus… Obama…. Biden… Romney… Ryan… unemployment…the Fed…Bernanke…gold… Greece… Israel… Hamas… Syria… Hillary… drones… Taliban… Afghanistan… Obama… GM… Volt… Sandy… Christe… Bloomberg… food stamps… Obamacare… Boehner… Reid… Pelosi… Congress… Obama… Debt Ceiling…taxes… inflation… deflation… hyperinflation… Weimar Republic… Muslim Brotherhood… Morsi… China… Belcher… Norquist… Costas… gun control… (did I mention Obama?)…and I suspect most astute LRC readers have had it up to HERE!

All of the above have one toxic thing in common: the Mainstream Media, the dreaded "MSM", the giant double-barrel filter of bias and ignorance through which all (approved) info flows into our TVs, radios, newspapers, computers and eventually our brains, opinions and perspectives. Although most astute LRC readers have maintained a shield of accurate information protecting their cranium's internals from MSM mis-truths, half-truths and outright lies, the majority of "low information" citizen news consumers aren't so…well, astute. Most Americans have no first-hand knowledge of a totalitarian government, ideological conformity, and blatant propaganda. How else to explain "Jersey Shore"? "Buckwild"? Nov 6th?

[Sidebar]: In a pragmatic sense, the media is our teacher. It informs, interprets and instructs: "We'll tell what it means…" We'll tell you what to wear…" "We'll tell you how bad it's going to be….""We'll tell you if you need to worry…""We'll tell you what your child is thinking…."…greedy corporations""…that wacky Ron Paul". When Americans spend an average of 4-5 hours per day watching/listening to socialists, Marxists, collectivists, fascists and useful idiots, consider the impact. Look at the evidence [End sidebar]

Following in the paw prints of the fabled Blind-Squirrel-Finds-Nut parable, a renowned syndicated talk radio colleague recently seized on a caller's brilliant observation hiding in plain sight: "The problem is the media! If you could figure out what to do about The Media, you'd been a trillionaire!" Sadly, the host remains blind to the fact he is "The Media" as much as the NYT, WaPo, ABCCBSNBCCNNFOX, except he and his clones expectorate non-stop, high-colonic neo-con drivel mixed with self-serving platitudes and sprinkled with just enough crumbs of fact to keep the average listener hooked and "low informed" while the networks continue to slide down the razor blade of liberal lies and obfuscations.

But I digress.

While not particularly motivated in acquiring Trillionaire status, I have been researching the "What To Do About The Media" question for quite a while and it has led me to this:

What if there is a solution to the MSM dominance of information distribution? What if you could turn on your radio (or any preferred listening device) and hear Lew Rockwell – live – commenting on the current state of affairs? What if you could listen to Tom Woods being interviewed about secession? What if by simply pushing a button, Ron Paul would be speaking to you about on-going solutions to restore Liberty? What if Walter Williams was coming out of your ear buds with his unique take on the policies and events shaping our time? What if the News was presented without a political "filter"; that reported and analyzed current events and eliminated political "spin", featuring a policy of respect for integrity, accuracy and fact? What if it was coupled with commentary that examined events in the light of classic liberalism, libertarianism and free market principles? What if you could choose to listen to – and call to speak with – Judge Andrew Napolitano instead of Rush Limbaugh? Gerald Celente instead of Sean Hannity? Jesse Ventura instead of Glenn Beck? What if you could do this in real time? What if there were broadcasts featuring Tom Sowell, James Bovard, Bob Wenzel, Tom DiLorenzo, Karen Kwiatkowski, Paul Craig Roberts, David Gordon, Karen De Coster, and Charles Goyette? What if you and millions of Ron Paul followers as well as the other millions (billions?) around the world searching for that one central source of information focused on the issues impacting Liberty and Freedom could access, listen, read and absorb hese and other great thinkers and authors 24/7 as easily as flipping a switch wherever you may be? What if this was not only possible, but could actually be available in 90 days? What if you could make this happen?

We can do this. Want to help? Let me know. We're ready to begin the Libertas Media Project.