The PurifiCup Is an All-Purpose Water Filter, Removing Even Fluoride!

by Lisa Bedford The Survival Mom

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In disaster after disaster, we are reminded of the importance of having a way to purify water. When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, many water sources were quickly contaminated with sewage, gasoline, and other unhealthy ingredients. In a power outage it’s not possible for most people to boil water, so having other alternatives is vital.

The PurifiCup is a great solution for always having pure water. When I tested the PurifiCup for myself, I was impressed with the simple, effective design and the completely pure taste of the water.

Not only did the PurifiCup help my tap water taste better, but the unique filter removes fluoride. We own two other water filters and although both effectively purify water, neither removes fluoride. Since more and more Americans are becoming aware of the possible health issues related with fluoride (also read this), being able to remove fluoride is important to me.

The filter used by the PurifiCup removes heavy metals (mercury, copper, etc.), calcerous elements, such as magnesium, as well as fluoride. When I first tasted the water that had been filtered, I wondered what was missing. Now I know!

What makes the filter unique is its use of silver. Over the years I’ve learned about the anti-bacterial properties of silver and give my family members colloidal silver, especially when they’re sick or have an infection. Purifi-Cup has a nano-silver layer on its filter that effectively removes hundreds of different types of bacteria. You can read the science behind this use of silver here.