15 Non-Traditional Containers for Your Bug Out Bag/Emergency Kit

by Lisa Bedford The Survival Mom

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  1. A rolling suitcase on wheels. Look for sturdy wheels because if one breaks off, you’ll be carrying that suitcase. Not fun! Some of these suitcases also have backpack straps.
  2. A Rubbermaid container with lid. You select whichever size suits your needs and space. These are a good choice because the bin itself can be used to hold water, kindling, and a lot more.
  3. Under the bed storage container – Mine fits perfectly in the back of my Tahoe and the transparent plastic lets me see the contents.
  4. Trash can on wheels. These hold a lot, are very sturdy, and have an attached lid. They will also be heavy and difficult to load into a truck. However, if a trailer is part of your bug out/evacuation plans, you could store a trash can, fully packed, in the trailer. Include a box of heavy-duty black trash bags to keep the interior of the trash can clean if you ever have to use it for actual trash!
  5. Space Bags – Great for use with softer items, such as blankets, coats, jackets, and pillows.
  6. 5-gallon buckets with lid – Again, these buckets have multiple uses besides holding your emergency kit contents.
  7. Multiple milk crates – My husband swears by these! They are extremely durable, stack easily, but do not have lids. They’re also free if you can find a grocery store that will give you one or more.
  8. Military duffel bag – Soft-sided means you’ll be able to shove this bag behind and between things, and they come in several sizes. Their muted colors are also a plus.
  9. Ziploc Flexible Tote – Inexpensive, can easily see inside the tote, and lightweight. Not heavy duty, though, if your evacuation includes trekking through the wilderness.

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