TSA To Blame for More Deaths Than Al Qaeda

by Eric Peters Recently by Eric Peters: ‘Creating Jobs’

We’re told Gate Rape saves lives – pure conjecture, since it’s all hypothetical. After all, not one “terrorist” has been caught (much less stopped) as a result of the terroristic tactics of the Blue Shirted Goons. Which is a pretty piss poor record, given they treat everyone as a presumptive terrorist.

You’d think by now they’d have caught at least one actual terrorist.

Ah well. Good enough for government work – right?

But lives have been lost as a result of the terroristic tactics of the Blue Shirted Goons. Not conjecture, either. Real people – thousands of them – dead because of the TSA.

Dead – because they chose to drive rather than fly. Anything – rather than Submission Training and Gate Rape. Even if it means an 18 hour trip vs. a three hour flight.

According to data compiled by Cornell University researchers, the ugsomeness of dealing with the TSA has pushed a goodly number of former air travelers into their cars – and back onto the roads. This, in turn has led to a measurable increase in monthly traffic fatalities – about 242 per month that would otherwise not have occurred. Some quick addition is in order. Let’s be easy on our calculators – and generous to the Blue Goons – and assume the figure is off by more than half. Let’s say it’s only 100 additional deaths per month attributable to TSA Avoidance Syndrome. That’s 1,200 deaths annually. Times four equals 4,800. In less than four years, then, TSA has managed to get more Americans killed than Osama bin Laden.

Only he’s finished – and the TSA is just getting started.

What will happen when the Blue Goons decide that cavity searches are now necessary for “security” reasons? Or perhaps stun bracelets – you know, like you use to deal with an unruly dog. How about that?

Farcical? Hyperbolic? Do a mental exercise and imagine it’s 1995. Ask any ten people at random whether they would believe that within a decade or so, they’d gave to spread their legs, hold out their arms and submit to a government goon literally handling their privates – including the privates of little children and old people in wheelchairs. Something not even the Nazis did to the Jews. Right here in the good ol’ USA – land of the (formerly) free and home of the (erstwhile) brave. And bear in mind that the stun bracelets idea was actually floated. So we know they are thinking along such lines. “Freeze training” has already been tried, too.


It’s far from over, that’s the point. Or rather, the point of the TSA is not to catch terrorists, but to get Americans used to being terrorized. Invasion of our personal space is just for openers. Bet your bippie more’s coming.

Worse, too.

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