School Lunches Are Sickening If you love your kids, pack their lunches


School lunch is sick, literally. "Corn"-fed cows pumped with steroids and antibiotics provide the cheese, pesticide-soaked tomatoes provide the sauce, and highly hybridized, nutrient-negative wheat provides the crust that's cut into squares and served up to students daily. Unfortunately, as economic times get tougher, the number of parents relying on the government to provide their children lunch is on the rise.

Even though free or reduced-price school lunches may sound tempting, parents should avoid them at all costs. School gruel tastes like dog food, deprives children of rich, nutrient-dense foods and turns them into zombie-like slaves to the state.

Tastes like dog food

Even as a young lad I realized how disgusting cafeteria food was. The lunch lady would shove the most atrocious looking and sour smelling slop in my face, on a yellow Styrofoam plate. Everyday she greeted me with the same scary grin, ever so happy to serve me globs of GMO vile.

The "green" beans were a faded brownish avocado color. They sat in murky water, and smelled like a swamp. The fries were always cold and soggy. The 26-ingredient hamburgers looked like dirty tires floating in water. Almost as bad as the food, was my daily encounter with the cafeteria lady. She had an evil smile, with jagged teeth, and hair that stuck out of the mole on her fat cheek. Every day I did the same thing; throw the "garbage" in the garbage can and wait until I got home to eat something more palatable. Yes, it was so unappealing that I just opted out of eating at all. I wish I could have opted out of my government-run school as well.

Dog food might be more nutritious

When I think of food, I think of real, raw, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, hanging from the vine, ready to be plucked by an anxious, hungry cook, not the processed "pink slime" nuggets government prisons… ah, I mean schools, are dolling out. When fast-food companies have higher standards for their meat than government schools, that's your cue to find somewhere else to eat.

Minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are far more abundant in fresh, local, organic foods than the contents of the big aluminum cans shipped around the country by federally subsidized food processors.

Compare freshly picked, local green beans, for instance, to the canned murky-water kind. The former have nearly twice as much magnesium — a mineral most Americans are dangerously deficient in — as the latter. Break one of each in half and decide for yourself, which is healthier. The canned one will fall apart in your hand, while the fresh organic one will snap, and fill your nostrils with a light effervescence. Living food for the living body!

Worse than the canned beans and veggies, is the large amount of grain (i.e. cereal) children are fed, washed down by watery, dead milk. Kids need more fat and fewer carbs, not the other way around. Want to fight childhood obesity? Give kids what their fat little bodies are starving for, raw, full-fat milk, yogurt and butter. Unfortunately, the state and federal governments — which are so generous with junk food — have made it nearly impossible to get these raw dairy super foods.

Slaves to the state

In addition to subjecting your child to a meal that tastes like cat food and isn't much healthier, sending your child through the taxpayer-subsidized lunch line at school is setting him up for a lifetime of government dependence. Standing in the lunch line now, will prepare him to stand in the bread line later in life, food stamps in hand.

What's wrong with food stamps, you might be asking yourself? Everything. When you depend on the state for food — or anything for that matter — you're going to get the lowest quality. The government is not interested in providing high quality goods and services, because it has no competition. It's goods and services are free or subsidized thanks to the taxpayers who were robbed to provide them. That means they can provide food tastes like garbage and has no nutritional value, and some people will still eat it, because it's free, or at least really cheap.

But smart people won't eat it, because they're not willing to sacrifice their health or freedom for a little morsel of junk food from a government that wants more and more control over their lives in exchange.

If you're still not convinced, then you're one of them, one of the zombies that are under the mind numbing delusion that the state actually provides real foods for its slaves. Look around and see how many people are sick today. At my work alone there are many who suffer from allergies, have headaches, and are downright miserable to be around. They walk around with stupefied looks on their faces, not being able to connect all the dots to solve simple problems or explain things rationally. In my opinion they suffer from brain cloud, from all the glutenous grains they shove down their gullets. Like a herd of sheep they head to the break room when the pizza guy comes.

Not only do my co-workers suffer from zombieism (a mix of bad nutrition and poor education), so do many teachers today — especially gobment ones — and they're trying — big emphasis on trying — to teach your kids. As long as their brains are stuffed with GMO corn they won't be able to teach your kids anything. It's the blind leading the blind. Instead of learning to be independent, resilient people, they'll end up dumbed down and never hit their full potetial. All the while they'll be begging their master for some GM glop to help satisfy their hunger, but their body will always be craving more from the lack of nutrients in the food. They'll keep eating, never satiated, until they become fat, lazy, and mildly retarded slobs that will die in a hospital bed far too young.

As Biggie Smalls once said, "If ya don't know, now ya know."

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