We're Number 2!

by Brian Wilson

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In more ways than one.

But I digress….

When the electoral votes of the other seven states are counted, Obama wins.

Tonight’s warm up for the debate is “Eye on Your Money,” Shep the Leper’s report of ill repute and Uncle Bill, "The Nanny's Neighborhood. The pre-debate Democrat attack is, “Ryan is a Mayan…brings doom. Wants to starve our children and disband our unions. He will put the elderly in death camps and steal our Winter-Holiday presents.” Arrrghhh!

Pre-debate lowering of expectations, Ryan camp: “Bidden has been replaced by an inhuman cyborg from the future.” Bidden side, “Ryan is taking illegal debate enhancing drugs.”

The Las Vegas spread is Ryan by a broken knee cap.

After 10 minutes of The Jackass Show, I’m putting on Kolchak: The Night Stalker DVD. Tonight’s episode, “Primal Scream.” My feelings exactly.

Drum roll, curtain rises, welcome by Nero’s great-great-great granddaughter. The traditional shaking of hands before the battle.

Libya is the opening question. Bidden opens with “Osama is dead.” Ryan counters with “U2tube video president.” Nero’s daughter stabs at Ryan with “Romney spoke too soon on video apology.” Ryan parries and Bidden slashes “Romney is wrong.” Bidden repeats the lie, “we were told video tape.” Ryan brings the argument home and Nero’s daughter changes the subject.

Topic: Iran. a flurry of sword play worthy of Errol Flynn.

Topic: Unemployment, Bidden goes for “GM bailout.” Bidden can lie like a seasoned politician. Ryan still has the sincerity of youth.

If you did not know all the facts on these topics before the debate, you learned nothing from the debate. If you don’t already know the political tricks being played in front of you, you will be the victim of them.

45 more minutes of this futility of the Truth drowning in the political pit of lies.

Now Nero’s daughter is debating Ryan. I guess she thinks Bidden is losing. Topic: Afghanistan, Bidden goes for “Osama is dead.” Now Nero’s daughter is arguing with Bidden about the Afghanistan pull-out.

Is “47%” the only campaign slogan Obama and Bidden have?

Bidden closes with “It’s Bush’s fault” and “47%.” Ryan closes with, “Mitt is it!”

As to who won the debate, my opinion is useless. I saw only a liar and a politician flinging words at each other. The thought that either represented regime will soon rule my life is very troubling, indeed. Everything was on the debate table except Freedom and Liberty, the Constitution and a Nation of Laws not the whims of men.

A focus group of 26 undecided. If our fate is in the hands of these willfully unfocused minds, the Republic is surely doomed. If four years of economic hell have failed to rouse a public to outrage, a vice presidential sideshow is unlikely to stir it from the stupor of apathy. A once Great Nation raped of its wealth and future has come to accept government as its savior. Rest assured, come November whether Republican or Democrat, the government will be preserved at the expense of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Another evening I’ll never get back…