RNC Mistake – Could It Bring a Ron Paul Presidency?

by Bill Sardi

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In the middle of the night on March 5, 1770, British troops fired on unarmed colonists in Boston, what became known as the Boston Massacre. News spread of this slaughter via horseback. Colonists were outraged. This “mistake” fueled growing anger that triggered the revolutionary war.

Now we have a political party, ready to nominate a candidate who claims he is a church-man, whose henchmen trample American democracy by excluding nomination of a candidate at the Republican Party meeting in Florida by a last-minute rule change. News is spreading of this far and wide, just as word of the Boston Massacre. Is this the mistake that will trigger a voter revolution?

What is Ron Paul thinking? Will he now, with the outrage of the American people building, decide to announce to run for President as a 3rd Party candidate when he appears on the Jay Leno show Tuesday night? What happens if Americans swell to the voting booths and vote Ron Paul regardless of his own wishes? Polls indicate Americans want neither of the candidates posed by the elephants and donkeys. Either don’t vote and give them a false mandate, or write-in the censored, ignored and undeservedly belittled Ron Paul. Let this action go unopposed and you can kiss this democracy good-bye.

This is third-world voter fraud. The hope of the world is America, or was America. The hope of freedom and democracy has been dashed. If you have no call from on high to stand up for what America should stand for, then get out of the way.

Americans, now is your hour.

The RNC even forbid Rand Paul from even mentioning his father’s name from the podium. Stand up now against corruption!

You get a lot of flaky e-mails saying pass this on or you will suffer the consequences if you don’t. Well, you and your family will certainly suffer the consequences when our freedoms have been erased. The freedom to vote and elect.

Now America, now!

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