Oh, Listen to the Imperialist Murderers Scream When the Victims Are Their Own Citizens!

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: BO and the Supremes Take Another Step Forward Into Totalitarianism

I have no definite idea whether Iran has been involved in any way in the murderous attacks against Israeili citizens in recent months, such as the reported attack on Israeli tourists on a bus in Bulgaria yesterday. They could be “false flag” Israeli or American murders of Israelis intended to produce outrage against Iran to get more support for the mass murders of Iranians both have been launching by economically strangling the whole nation of Iran, about 75 million people, and threatening to do on a vaster scale with immense military attacks on Iran any day now.

Certainly most nations would have struck back long ago in some desperate way against the huge Cyber War attacks on Iran the U.S. has admitted and bragged about, and against the murders in broad daylight of Iranian nuclear scientists which Iran blames on Israel’s Mossad [like the CIA] for obvious reasons.

But Iran has shown immense self-restraint over these and earlier attacks on their nation and people by the U.S. and Israel for many years. Iran has obviously tried NOT to get involved in any forms of counter attacks that would lead Western peoples biased by the Media reports to be outraged and enraged more against them.

Since this would be so contrary to what Iran has done over and over again for years — complain bitterly and warn the U.S. and Israel, but hold back their outrage and hope the other Western nations will come to their senses and stop the U.S. and Israeli attacks, I have doubts they were involved. I also think the attacks have been so dumb and against such innocent people, that it does not seem like what Iranian agents or, even less, what Hizbollah agents would do. It seems more like false flag attacks intended to kill but not much or, even more likely, a third party attack intended to arouse anti-Iranian passions, maybe by amateur Israelis.

On the other hand, maybe Iran has concluded the West will never act with reason and humanity toward them and they must begin giving graduated, step by step warnings of what they could do if the attacks on them persist. One thing the attacks show is a vast range of vulnerability by Israelis — and by implication Americans. Maybe they’re “sending a message” — “Look what we can do and consider how bad it could be for you if you continue attacking us!”

That’s possible, but does not explain the ineptness of most of these attacks. Some look more like Charlie Chaplin attacks than attacks by the Revolutionary Guards or Hizbollah, which is the opposite of what Iran is trying to tell the U.S. and Israel. IF it were Iran, would they not want to look very intelligent, capable of inflicting mass casualties in a counter-attack? They do that routinely in their massive War Games, missile firings, the brilliant Cyber capture and landing of the top secret U.S. Stealth Drone, etc.

Overall, this looks anti-Iranian and amateurish, not like a planned and executed Iranian series of attacks.

Of course, we will have to wait and see and try to get more info. But, IF I had to bet on the options so far, I’d bet on amateurs for or against Iran, more like against Iran than for, quite possibly a Mossad false flag attack intended to make Iran look very evil and inept, thus encouraging Americans to attack Iran to stop the evil but without worrying about Charlie Chaplin counter attacks.