Are We There Yet?

Recently by Brian Wilson: (Still) Stuck on Stupid

The Silly Season hit a new low with Obama calling Romney a felon. Talk about an IQ test question! Without knowing anything, how stupid do you have to be to take the claim seriously? Yet, all the blow-dried TV pundits are counting the number of angels dancing on that pinhead. If Romney is a felon, why doesn’t Obama’s Justice Department stop running guns to Mexico and arrest him?

And then we have the demands for tax returns from a man who has a phony, ghost-written autobiography. Why does the TV take the crazy man in the White House seriously? Agendas! Old comfy-comfortable ones, bright, new shiny ones. …Something for everyone ones!

The News isn’t there to tell you something; it’s there to sell you something. Liberalism, bigger government, Nanny State, higher taxes, you name it, they are selling it. And the cost is just a teeny- tiny bit of your Freedom. The TV is populated by liars or idiots. When a man puts his hand in my pocket, I don’t much care if it is a lair or an idiot who pulls out a stump. I say it is time we took a head count. Who wants free government cheese and who wants a Constitutional Republic? You can’t have both. You can’t have half of each. Either we all pull the wagon or we all get in the wagon.

Obama, the lowest man to hold the highest office, just gave a speech straight out of Atlas Shrugged, putting a moral obligation on the producers. Obama speaks large of bridges, roads and everything government. But he cleverly fails to mention where the money came from taxpayers. And those taxpayers get their paychecks from jobs created by the same producers Obama is demonizing. Without producers, leeches like Obama wouldn’t even have a government.

Hmmm….maybe we're on to something…..!

As to the Internet, the private sector was doing the same thing long before. The mass interconnecting of computers was happening without government. The Defense Department’s Internet came from work done by those producers in the private sector Obama so hates. Government can build a bridge with other people's money but it takes an individual to design, architect and engineer it.

Who is John Galt? A question older than itself. A question asked in a struggling colony called Plymouth. A question asked in Philadelphia some years later. A question asked whenever the sign post ahead directs the lonely traveler to Freedom and Capitalism or Tyranny and Communism. Either a man has a Right to his Property or the State has the Power to Redistribute it. When on the cusp, men are always faced with a future to choose. On rare occasion, they chose Freedom. The History of tyranny proves the mass appeal of “free” government stuff. Ironic that a nation at war with drugs is itself addicted to the generous largess of government at the expense of a dwindling number of suckers who still pay taxes.

Who is John Galt? An Icon of men we were once. A symbol of Freedom we died for once. An unbending will in a sea of compliance. The Omega Man in the world of leeches

Who is John Galt? The symbol of a man forgotten yet despised. “Tax the rich just don’t gore my ox.” How much money do you have to make to lose your Rights as a Citizen? We are all equal under the Law or we have anarchy. How lame does “they won’t miss their money as much” sound? So we as a nation can take everything in storage units because the owners won’t miss it? Either we own our private property or we don’t. There isn’t any "little bit pregnant "here.

Who is John Galt? Our father or maybe grandfather. A man raised by a Depression and brought into manhood by a War. A man who came back from a life we can neither imagine nor tolerate to marry a wife, buy a house and raise a family. The Founding Fathers of what has become the American Dream. Men who didn’t expect government to give them a live but grasped it with both fists and rode it to the end.

Who is John Galt? A Greek who believed no man was born to rule him. A man who believed what he created was his to do with as he wished. A man, a species once common in this country; now near extinct. A creature that walked upright on two legs with a spine. A man who had no use for the phony and the flashy. A man who could spit on contempt at 200 yards. A man sorely needed to become Legend.

Who is John Galt? December 21, 2012. The failure of the Great Experiment. The proof that man is not fit to govern himself. The reality that men have chosen the easy slide to slavery over the hard climb to Freedom.

Who is John Galt? A mirror where we see both whom we have become and who our Founding Dads thought we should be. Ourselves who have betrayed ourselves? A people full of phony self-esteem and no self-confidence. People who need pictures on the cash register and can’t count change. A “me” generation too busy to raise our own children and willing to support our ageing parents because the government should do it.

Who is John Galt? A man who was asked, "What is Greed?” Greed is envy with force. Sitting on your sorry ass expecting a welfare check is greed. When a man has the brains, balls and luck to make a ton of money, who decides how much he keeps?

OK, now explain why.

Any answer also justifies slavery. If others have a right to what I produce, why wouldn’t they have a right to the body that produces it? I’m not a slave if 100% of what I produce is taken but I live in a shack off the plantation? Where is the line here? Slaves not living on campus?

Reading this you are maybe 1% of the population and you are screwed, blued and tattooed. The election, like all elections, is about “dumb and dumber,” “the evil of two lessers" or some hopeless third party. Regardless, come January the man with his hand on the Bible will be stupid, evil and supremely incapable of solving the bone-deep problems of this Nation.

So we end as we began, at the wrong end of big government. Then, spurred to action by the flames of a tyrannical King and now, smothered by the comforting pillow of a Nanny State. As a forgotten hero once said, “Live Free or Die!”

Raise the Curtain.

Cue the Music,

It's show time.