Another Step Forward Into Totalitarianism

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: The Great Myth of the WelfareState

BO and the Supremes lunge to finalize the totalitarian central planning of the vast health care pseudo-system in the U.S. was so full of verbiage, rationalizations, shilly shalling, one step back and two steps forward into totalitarian central planning that it was ludicrous in a very grim way. The details are absurdly complex and obfuscating, but basically BO imposed a "universal insurance dodge" similar to Social Security to pay for the vast trillions more in costs needed to pay for 60,000,000 new patients who cannot pay for themselves, the Supremes by 5 to 4 said that’s illegal, but you can do the same scam by changing the name to a "tax" and get away with it. The Media at first thought the Supremes had rejected the obviously unconstitutional forced purchase, then got muddled up by the wording and shilly shalling in the actual decision, then reversed themselves, then….

The Supremes, of course, are just playing their usual game of moving two steps forward into totalitarianism, while hiding this from Dupes by taking one tiny step back and throwing out very obfuscating verbiage in 90 pages. They are Total Party Hacks these days, but they pretend to be independent and "only serving the law of the land," just like Egyptian Supremes and those in all the totalitarian regimes.

It was more extreme than the absurdities of the Brezhnev era of the USSR, more like a comic opera scene from "Evita" in which everyone contradicts everyone else and everyone is confused and lost, but the totalitarian system trundles on toward its doom.

I expect many states will join in the fun by proclaiming they "might" secede from the illegal, buffoon pseudo-system, some young people will go into hiding to avoid paying soaring costs for other people, and on and on.

By using police powers to force everyone to pay this "non-insurance tax" to pay for health care for other people, BO et al. hope to kick some of the soaring costs down the alley into the darkness to hide them. But it is perfectly obvious that health care costs will soar by trillions in the short and medium term and the whole pseudo-system will help to implode the whole government and clear the land of such absurdities. Big Pharma and Big Bureaucratic Oligarchic Pseudo-Medicine will soar to new heights of government mandated thievery and more millions will die and be maimed and injured.

It’s all just more of the same. yada-yada, as Americans say these days.