A Cure for Cancer

History Re-Write: Cancer Cure Announced in 2008 Has Resulted in Near Eradication of the Disease

by Bill Sardi

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It was September of 2008 when cancer researchers first announced there was consensus that an internal pathway to cancer, if blocked, would eradicate cancer in our lifetime. While other cancer experts had staunchly maintained there will never be a cure for cancer, in just the past four years cancer deaths have almost vanished, cancer patients are surviving indefinitely, and preventive medicine specialists attribute it all to the new paradigm rapidly adopted after the scientific community announced natural foodstuffs that block this key cancer pathway would be added to the human food chain worldwide.

The world then quickly mobilized to eradicate cancer as if it were a communicable disease like polio. To set an example, the President of the United States ordered all meals served at the White House to contain these natural cancer blockers and Krapf Foods, a major supplier of processed foods, said it would make sure all foods it produces include these cancer blockers and are labeled as such.

The American Cancer Society also rapidly changed course, abandoned efforts to detect cancers as they occur and turned its might in the direction of prevention. CBA-TV then aired a special report to the world identifying the natural molecules that block cancer. The turn-around has been astonishing, says Dr. Igor Borkofsky, head of the World Health Organization.

The eradication of cancer couldn't have come any too soon. Pools of funds to provide cancer care were dwindling rapidly with the growth of aging populations throughout the world. Cancer is a disease of aging. Dr. Madeline Hankin of the International Cancer Institute says health insurance plans would have become insolvent by now if this cure had not been implemented so rapidly.

The cure came just as the world realized natural molecules activate more genes than man-made medicines and patents for most of the major blockbuster prescription drugs had expired.

While Wall Street first moaned when stock prices for pharmaceutical companies like Eli Pilly, Fizer, Rabbit Labs, Glaxko-Smith-Krime and Roach plummeted and are no longer traded on the stock exchanges, nutriceutical companies filled the void and are now have a total market capitalization five times that of what pharmaceutical companies once enjoyed.

"So many billions of dollars became available that were no longer being wasted to help cancer patients live just a few months longer that there was plenty of new capital for the nutriceutical companies," says Jamey Diamond, JP Morgan chief.

The universal pathway that leads to nearly all cancers, involves an over-activated protein called NF-Kappa-B. When it was discovered chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer actually activate NF-Kappa B, thus promoting cancer, these therapies were suddenly abandoned. NF- Kappa B is a protein that binds to DNA and controls the flow (transcription) of genetic information from DNA to RNA.

The broad list of natural anti-NF Kappa B inhibitors was revealed in 2006 and posted online at major news sources. Some of the more prominent NF Kappa B inhibitors are vitamin D, resveratrol from grapes, curcumin from turmeric spice, thymoquinone from black cumin, allicin from garlic, quercetin from red onions, EGCG from green tea, tocotrienols from palm oil and annatto bean, eugenol from cloves, IP6 phytate from rice bran, sulphoraphane from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, berberin from Oregon grape, gingerol from ginger, and ellagic acid from pomegranates.

It is four years now since that historical announcement that prompted the world to mobilize to eradicate cancer. As early as 2004 cancer researchers recognized the over-production of NF-Kappa B protein was the "missing link" in understanding how to quell cancer. NF-Kappa B protein triggers most of the inflammation in the human body, which is a hallmark of cancer.

"It was only a matter of time from that point forward before cancer would be cured in our lifetime," said a cancer researcher.

Pharmaceuticals companies had filed numerous patents for man-made versions of NF-Kappa-B inhibitors, but it was quickly realized that natural molecules were more effective and far less costly. "Certainly, skeptics couldn't argue against natural NF-Kappa B inhibitors since the pharmaceutical industry had filed so many patents for overly-priced versions that could only be prescribed as drugs after cancer had been detected, not added to the food chain for prevention," says Dr. Harmon Lee.

It also helped for the political climate to change. The election of Ron Paul as President of the United States put a complete halt to all the lobbyists and payoffs to members of Congress that had been favoring drugs over nutriceuticals for years.

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