Goodbye NDAA, PATRIOT Act, Federal Reserve Act and Wars if Paul Wins Presidency

No other Republican Presidential candidate has ever received the enthusiastic popular support in the Republican Stronghold of Orange County that Ron Paul received in his visit to Cal State University, Fullerton, on May 3rd, 2012. 6000 enthusiastic fans crowded into the Titan Stadium, which was not designed to hold 6000. The line stretched around the stadium. Seats ran out, but supporters continued to pile in, standing to see their candidate. Mitt Romney has never received that kind of support in Republican Orange County.

Crowd lines up to see Ron Paul

Once in office, Paul will repeal the NDAA, the PATRIOT Act and the Federal Reserve Act. The audience, by its standing ovations and chants showed its agreement with the plan.

Paul spoke to the paranoid fears he would cut social programs by expressing his understanding that people have come to need these programs. In cutting spending, he will start with the wars and foreign spending. He pointed out that, in recent years, the war spending has topped four trillion dollars. He noted that, in foreign spending, the United States government takes from the poor at home to give to rich oppressors in foreign lands. Studies done by a variety of informed organizations agree, showing that simply cutting the war budget will save the U.S. economy.

Paul noted that 75% of Americans want America out of Afghanistan. He pointed out that we are less respected and less liked in the world because of war policies. He said that a lot of innocent children and people are dying from our drone attacks. People are asking, "Why are we being terrorized by bombs falling out of the sky when we haven’t done anything to America?"

Much of the problem with the economy is that the world has stopped trusting the dollar. He said, "The dollar used to be as good as gold." After we were pulled off the gold standard, the world continued to trust our dollar for a while but that time of trust has run out.

As noted above, Paul got a standing ovation on ending the Federal Reserve. The audience broke into chants of "End the Fed." Paul reacted by saying, "It sounds like a wonderful idea." He noted that you wouldn’t hear that on TV. He called for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act on its hundredth anniversary.

Paul attacked the economic policies of the current government, saying the government gives crumbs to the poor and bailouts to the rich.

Paul stated, "I’d like to suggest that you never have to give up any of your liberties for safety and security." He pointed out that he has no Secret Service protection. He told the crowd that holding up a sign in protest of someone with Secret Service protection could now get you ten years in prison. [This is a result of the protester bill Obama signed into law.] Paul also spoke of a Homeland Security facility in Utah that is large enough to hold the records of everyone in America. He noted that the role of government is to protect our privacy and liberty. It is not to destroy our civil liberties.

On the issue of Cuba, he suggested talking to the Cubans and ending sanctions. He pointed out that those who are accusing him of being an isolationist are the real isolationists.

It isn’t an easy road for honest politicians like Ron Paul. He pointed out that"" those people in Washington in charge will not give up their power easily."

The crowd was ready for action. Paul got numerous standing ovations. People were reregistering as Republicans just so they could vote for him. People were also signing up to work on his campaign.

Paul is the only anti-war candidate running in a major party for President. This gives him an advantage with anti-war Democrats and independents. Even people who don’t agree with him, see him as a candidate who is incorruptible and beaming with integrity. He is considered a fresh, honest alternative to the status quo.

For those who want to vote for Paul in the California primary, they will have to reregister as Republicans. I know, it’s a pretty disgusting thought to most people. California has an open primary in every race except the Presidency, where the RNC is preventing non-Republicans from voting for Ron Paul. The Democratic Primary is more open, allowing independents to vote a Democratic ballot.

Noah Johnson is an example of a former Democrat who re-registered to vote for Ron Paul. Now he is running for the Republican Central Committee for the 41st District as part of his efforts to support Paul’s agenda. People were speaking of how they were going to change the Republican Party. This writer is reserving judgment on whether that is possible.

People had a number of ideas to publicize Paul’s candidacy. A couple of representatives were there from an organization called Skytypers, offering a "low cost" way to skywrite messages over events. Philip Stinis of Skytypers said the company used patented eco-friendly vapors. He also said this could also be used for independent candidates who wanted to get out their messages. This writer did not see a list of the chemicals, but it is an indication that people, distrusting the media, are coming up with solutions to get out the word about Paul.

The event was put together on short notice in a large venue with standing room only. Robert Scheer has encouraged people to reregister to vote for Ron Paul. If the votes are counted, and there is always a question about that, Ron Paul could conceivably win California.

Reprinted with permission from OpEd News.

Ruth Hull is the chairman of a liberal Democratic club. She has organized major political events and helped elect some of the most liberal politicians in America. Her career has included work as a criminal defense attorney, a licensed private investigator, an educator and a writer.