You ‘Bear’ Beware, You Better Take Care

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Because of the importance of the Bear Signal, this article was posted early in the holiday weekend for the benefit of subscribers who are early readers. The "Market Action" portion has been added and is posted below.

IMPORTANT – Dow Theory – The D-J industrial Average recorded a high of 13,279.32 on May 1, 2012. This Dow high was not confirmed by the Transports. The two averages then turned down and broke below their April lows. This action confirmed that a primary bear market is in progress – it was a textbook bear signal.

Russell comment – I consider the April-May action to be a continuation of a primary bear market that started on October 9, 2007 with the Dow at 14,164.53. We are now dealing with the latter part of the primary bear market that began in 2007. Subscribers should now follow a course of utmost caution. (The bear confirmation is particularly valid because nobody seemed to notice it nor did any analyst appear to be aware of it. I know of no analyst or advisor who stated that we had seen a primary bear signal!) For evidence, see charts of the Dow and the Transports below!

As for gold, I think it will be under pressure for a while, but before this bear market is over, gold will embark on a major bull move. The current correction in gold will test every "gold-bug’s" nerves. The preferred gold position is to be in bullion gold coins.

Below, new high in the Dow on May 1.

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