• Who Says They’re Scary? Shark-Whisperer Sends Great White Into a Trance With a Quick Tickle of His Snout

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    At first glance, it looks as though this terrifying Great White is rising up ready to take off this man’s arm.

    But the 16ft predator is actually blissfully unaware of any need to catch some prey.

    He is instead enjoying a dream-like trance courtesy of shark-whisperer Andre Hartman.

    Brave Andre is able to hypnotise sharks by simply tickling their snout, one of its most sensitive places, causing the animal to become overwhelmed by the stimulation.

    This incredible sight was captured by U.S. photographer, Doug Perrine, off the coast of South Africa.

    ‘I was there to obtain pictures of a shark raising its heads out of the water and opening its mouth – as Andre was able to produce,’ explained Doug.

    ‘The shark was attracted by the scent of the bait that is put out. Andre reached down and tickled the underside of the shark’s snout, while gently lifting up.

    ‘This part of the shark’s body is loaded with nerve endings, and the creature’s sensory system became overloaded from the stimulus.

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