Universities as Globalist Breeding Grounds

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      67 years ago this month, the first shot at world government was birthed in the form of the United Nations (UN).   The UN is a collectivist organization that prevented anti-communist Katanga from breaking away from communist Congolese, caught running sex slave rings, secretly sterilizing hundreds of thousands of third world women, delivering cholera to impoverished nations, attempting to shut down the internet and so forth ad nauseam.   Over the past few semesters in particular, I have noticed an unambiguous trend in education. Out of the shadows, guest speakers have been pouring in promoting the idea of “internationalism”, better known today as “globalism”.    In one of my courses, I call out this lunacy amongst a status quo of “yes men” who seem to blindly follow the order of the day. We read an excerpt from Rene Wormser’s “Foundations: Their Power & Influence” which is based on the testimony from the Norman Dodd  Reece Committee investigation into tax-exempt foundations (i.e. Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller).   Worsmer details this great interlocking “concentration of power” which in seeking to destroy national sentiment “minced no words in advocating globalism,” in order to “make this world one world”. They created thousands of committees and International Relations clubs which resulted in a “great proportion of student members [acquiring] strongly leftist tendencies…close to that of the Kremlin”.   A year ago, Al Gore graced us with his presence for an “indulgence” of something like $200,000. I was not about to pony up the pretty penny to have my stomach churn only to partake in a scripted Q&A session. Noble men are humble, such as Lord Monckton, who graciously spoke with my class for no fee. However, through the din, I heard how in an after-session with Herr Gore, one indoctrinated student desperately asked: “when will this new world order finally come”?  


 These internationalists are today ever-more present in our schools, pushing the idea of the UN as well as instilling socialist tendencies. In fact, the Model UN which used to be extra-curricular has become a mandatory aspect of the course. 

Nobody dares to even question the roots of the UN or the institution itself. I used hang out in its Geneva HQ and keenly noticed plaques on walls which said things such as “donated by (Communist Chinese Supporter) John D. Rockefeller”. Friends and I would laugh at their “keep off the grass signs” which were simply a logo of a person crossed out, pretty amusing when you think about their depopulation obsession. You want to know the name of the café? The “Serpentine Lounge” (it’s in the shape of a snake).

I also attended a meeting of an NGO closely associated to the UN whose office is right across the street from the old League of Nations grounds. This organization is in charge of the New York “meditation room” and is a member of ECOSOC. You want to know the name and purpose of this organization? They changed their name from Lucifer Publishing to Lucis Trust and they believe old Satan is really a good guy who will soon be back to save us all under the auspices of a world government. Here you can access a scan of the report from the meeting.


 I recently paid $50 to pick up a recent globalist textbook titled “The Binding of Nations: From European Union to World Union” in order to add to my mountain of documentation which is useful as I minister to the intellectually crippled who still go about in antediluvian fashion raving “conspiracy theorist!”

Last year on campus saw the hosting of Texas lawyer Stephen Zamora who proposes a “North American Regional Development Fund” as the “Next Phase of North American Integration Under NAFTA”. 

After him came the “father of the North American Union” himself, Robert Pastor, member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Here you can see a student recording of a question given to Pastor.

They forcefully promoted the idea of a “North American Community”, Zamora going so far as to claim that we are not Mexicans nor Americans but all North Americans. A Triumvirate simulation of a North American Model Parliament has been offered up as a model for the future.


 Recently, our latest guest speaker pushed the idea of a UN reform and world parliament. Needless to say, he is a member of the World Federalist Movement.

The consequences of such madness is evident. Countless students who have not been taught history do not question the future. The question I always ask is: what is the fail safe? The speaker advocated an easy voting process for this world parliament thanks to internet technology. 

Oh yeah? Try this one on for size. If there is no snowballs chance in hell that my vote can be counted for a national election, how can it be counted for a global election? 

Case in point: Dr. Ron Paul. As much as I dislike Rachel Maddow, she did a good job covering the fact that despite Ron Paul clearly winning over Maine’s Waldo County,  Mitt “Goldman Sachs” Romney was given the vote by the oligarchy.

What was really ironic was that a few weeks before I showed this clip to students, I had shown them the satirical Onion clip of Diebold machines having already accidentally revealed the next presidential candidate: Mitt “Goldman Sachs” Romney.


 It is pertinent that others out there, regardless of whichever role you play in society, bring up the subject of such madness and expose it for what it really is. It is a play on emotions. It is not some peace-loving utopian system. It is a harbinger of death, a destructive totalitarian dystopian force working by deceit, gradually taking over the minds of men. 

One trait I note amongst men is their slavish attitude toward their work or status in society and unwillingness to stir the waters for fear of losing the little they have gained. I call it cowardice. 

H.G. Wells said that “countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that a “man not willing to die for something is a man not fit to live.” A 1999 court verdict proved that the US Government assassinated this Christian minister. Indeed, if the prophecy of Wells rings true, the proverb of Dr. King resonates even louder.

Reprinted with permission from The Dollar Vigilante.