Who Breaks a Cockroach on a Wheel?

A scandal has raged this past week in England involving racially insensitive Tweets that landed the racially insensitive Tweeter behind bars. Liam Stacey was targeted and caged because they knew that almost nobody would want to defend him.

Like any white person who does anything that is deemed “racist,” Stacey stands in Himmler’s shadow and elicits a similar amount of public sympathy. In the modern multicultural society, being a “racist” is put on a par with pregnancy. It’s not a question of degree; it’s all or nothing. Unlike pregnancy, you can’t even have an abortion, just a slow, painful course of liberal chemotherapy, with the constant fear that the self-appointed doctors of moral hygiene will say you’re still not cured. Pin the “R” word on somebody and you can forget all that legal crap about the Magna Carta and freedom of speech.

This is what has happened to Stacey, a young man sent to jail for 56 days for making jeering comments on Twitter about the heart attack suffered during a match by black football player Fabrice Muamba.

Mocking a man at death’s door on Twitter is terrible. Adding racial epithets obviously doesn’t help, either: