Our 5 Most Expensive Preps

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There are varying degrees of preparedness, and preppers for that matter. Each of us live in different parts of the country, where diverse natural and man-made disasters influence our decisions to prepare. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what part of America (or the world) we live in, we see a need to prepare and we are responsible enough to do what needs to be done.

Personally, my overall goal in being prepared is to be ready for a long-term grid down disaster. That being the case, my family is taking steps to acquire supplies and tools that involve a more all-emcompassing emergency supply in order to be self-reliant.

5 Most Expensive Preps

There are times in our quest for preparedness where each of us will see the need to invest in certain preparedness items that are expensive, but necessary for our survival. Before any monetary investment is made, my husband and I discuss the importance of the item, why we need the investment, if it is versatile, and how it can benefit us in an emergency. Our stored food supply is the largest investment we have made thus far, however, I believe that you are more interested in the other items we have invested in. So without further adieu, here are the 5 most expensive items we have purchased:

  1. Undisclosed – Firearms and ammunition
  2. $750 – Custom-made copper still made by www.LNLProtekt.com
  3. $429 + extra parts – Country Living Grain Mill at www.Directive21.com
  4. $285 – Royal Berkey Water Filtration System at www.Directive21.com
  5. $200 – 21 quart American Pressure Cooker can be purchased here

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Tess Pennington joined the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999 Tess worked as an Armed Forces Emergency Services Center specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management and response. You can follow her regular updates on Preparedness, Homesteading, and a host of other topics at ReadyNutrition.com.