Applauding Dishonor

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I have no respect for the current election paradigm – “Choose a Player Then Destroy All Others” – and the news that Herman Cain will now put his support behind Newt…added to Sarah Palin’s defection…have almost destroyed any remaining hope that I had for the restoration of America.

They, along with so many others, have forgotten the original intent of the Founding Fathers, who created a government that would only be as honorable as the elected officials that We the People choose.

Everywhere, we witness the decay that is engulfing America. The main root of the rot is in the three branches of government. The Supreme Court refuses to acknowledge that its purpose is to judge constitutionality, not to legislate and deform our culture with decisions that trump common sense and morality. The Senate and the House spit on the trust that the voters placed in them and instead kowtow to corrupt leaders, members, and lobbyists, further destroying freedom in America. The president refuses to understand that he is the Chief Policeman who works for the People, rather than a legislator and a king.

Some would hold We the People at fault. “Citizens need to be better read. Citizens should listen more carefully to the news issues of the day.” However, citizens cannot be held totally responsible when their information sources rush to corrupt information; to hide, ignore or lie about the truth.

Voters are left with few sources from which to gather honest information which can help them make informed decisions as to which candidates are honorable people. Even fair and balanced news agencies hide news, distort issues, and slant dialogue toward favored candidates. I have nicknamed one major news person, The Election Fixer.

So voters turn to friends, neighbors, and other persons they believe to be trustworthy. Many people, me included, have viewed Sarah Palin and Herman Cain as almost-neighbors; as trustworthy people who share our distrust and dislike of the government in charge. That is, until they chose to default on that trust by supporting a candidate long known for dishonorable behavior and decisions. Palin and Cain chose to join the election fixers to misdirect the thought processes and the morals of the citizens.

Palin and Cain see Newt as the best candidate yet everyone I meet looks at Newt and sees a philanderer rather than an honorable person. We look at Newt’s wife and see a second mistress…not even a first one…instead of a potential First Lady. Obviously, Palin and Cain have taken their fingers off the pulse of America.

I have met no one who honestly likes, trusts, and respects Newt. The less decisive people just hem and haw, mumbling about him being…bright. Ah…and articulate. Um…and he debates well…even as they forget that those are the same irrelevant measuring sticks that were used to measure Obama’s presidential skills. Yet, Palin and Cain will succeed in causing many citizens to believe that those two must have some magical information upon which they based their decision. Again, Americans are being encouraged to distrust and dismiss their best intuition, common sense, and morals. Sensible voices cannot even be heard when Palin and Cain take the stage and tell their followers how to think. Unfortunately, too many voters will give Palin and Cain too much credence; will sit back and refuse to think for themselves.

If a self-assured but dishonorable man swaggers his way to face Obama in November, each vote for Newt could very well mean a vote for Obama, and that is exceedingly frightening. I, for one, refuse to vote for the Lesser of Two Evils and everyone with whom I speak all feel the same. We will stay home rather than vote.

America needs honorable spokespersons who support honorable candidates. Newt is not only a poor choice, his candidacy is forcing other, more desirable candidates to quit the race. We are so fortunate that an honorable man like Ron Paul is willing to stay in the race, and we are so fortunate that his supporters provide financial backing. Speaking of Ron Paul …consider the how his potential for winning the ticket would improve if 1.) people at all levels would stop repeating the erroneous “He would be great as president but he has no chance of winning,” and 2.) if spokespersons with a following would publicly put their support behind an honorable man.

I keep picturing an algebraic formula with “RP” representing voters who already support Ron Paul; with “Y” representing voters who would listen to their better judgement if they were not led astray by the Media and by the influence of others; with “P” and “C,” respectively, representing votes for Ron Paul that Palin and Cain could encourage: RP +Y +P +C = An Honorable Victory for America

It is heartbreaking to realize that winning has become more important than honor.

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