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In my report, “The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order,” I argued that education is the key to the modern New World Order, or Superclass, as David Rothkopf calls it. The system of about 20 elite universities, plus a handful of exclusive four-year private colleges, is the crucial institutional means of screening entry into the inner ring of power.

I argued that a great shift has been in progress since 1960. The best universities began to screen by means of a specific kind of intellect, namely, the ability to take written examinations. I described this as the Prussian system. It is a system based on merit, but a peculiar form of merit: performance on exams. Writing well also counts. As these formal criteria have been made the barriers to entry, legacy sons from the Old World Order have not gained entry.

The Prussian system is replacing the Oxford-Cambridge-Harvard system. The Prussian system extends its way into the K-12 educational system. There, two tracks existed until 1950: the Prussian and the vocational. What is formal and unbreakable in Germany is less formal and less unbreakable in the United States. But it exists. Today, there is a third track. There are the vocational students, the community college-bound students, and the Advanced Placement exam students. Not many students cross over.

The dreams of those Utopian Unitarians of the nineteenth century who pioneered tax-funded K-12 education are no longer taken seriously. The messianic character of American education has slowly morphed into the caretaker mentality described by John Taylor Gatto.


From the day that the Irish got off the boats in New York City and Boston in 1848, they set up parochial schools. German Lutherans did the same. So did Dutch Calvinists. They recognized the threat posed to their confessions by the supposedly Protestant but in fact Unitarian public school system. They chose to pay taxes and then fund their own school systems. They did not want their children to strive to enter the inner rings of power in the New Country. They were content to remain outside the New World Order.

If there is a symbol of the capitulation of the Irish to the NWO it is the Kennedy family. John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald was a master politician in Boston. The Irish were very good at politics. But they were outside the inner ring of Boston high society, where family connections and Harvard connections had reigned supreme since 1636. Harvard went Unitarian after 1805, but it lost none of its prestige. The Boston Brahmins were well named. The Irish were initially the untouchables.

That irked Honey Fitz’s son-in-law, Joe Kennedy. He wanted in. He knew he could not get in. So, he primed his sons to get in. Joe. Jr. Went to Harvard. Jack went to Harvard. Bobby went to Harvard. Teddy went to Harvard. When Jack became JFK, he hired the scions of the Harvard-Yale axis to serve as his courtiers.

When Lyndon Johnson replaced him in 1963, he got rid of as many of them as he could. He had no plans to enter their inner ring. The only inner ring he cared about was the one he controlled. He was a true son of Southwest Texas State Teachers College. He let the pointy-headed liberals from Harvard stick around for only as long as he could use their pointy heads to stick into his enemies’ backs.

It is revealing that Johnson for a time taught public speaking and debate after graduation. His was a teachers college version of Harvard elocution. He became legendary as a poorly equipped public speaker. His introductory words, “My Fellow Americans,” were satirized by pointy-headed intellectuals of all political persuasions as “Mah Fellow Muricans.” When he showed off his scar for his gall bladder operation, pointy-heads laughed the laugh of the politically excluded. They forced him out when one of their own, a former Professor named Eugene McCarthy, almost beat him in the New Hampshire primary, and then Bobby Kennedy entered the race. Johnson quit. He turned into the invisible man.

He was replaced by Richard Nixon, a man who had lusted to get into the inner ring all his life, but never did, not even as President. Nixon had been Duke Law School by way of Whittier College. Close, but no cigar. Outside, looking in. He had made his name in Congress by backing the ex-Communist defector Whittaker Chambers against Alger Hiss, a scion of the Eastern Establishment and a Soviet spy. Hiss was Harvard Law School by way of Johns Hopkins. He had been screened. The NWO never forgave Nixon this breach of etiquette. They used him for a time, and then sent him packing. If you want to know how they did it, read my story of the White House tapes.

You enter the inner ring on their terms, not yours, and not your customers’ terms. You enter it by way of their educational system.This system is self-policing, but it is not customer-funded. It is accredited by tenured functionaries who have been hired by the inner ring to extend the prevailing worldview. These functionaries extend their control by way of the U.S. government and state governments, which fund the system. About $430 billion a year is spent on higher education in the United States, and this rises by about 7% per annum. This is the most expensive screening system in history.

An inner ring of about two dozen institutions is what the system is all about. It is Pareto’s law in action, as Rothkopf says. (See video #2) This is the 1% that Occupy Wall Street should be protesting: 20% of 20% of 20%. But they aren’t. They do not see what is under their noses.


Just about the only sermon that ever got into the public school curriculum in my day was Jonathan Edwards’ sermon on hell, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” The version in our English literature books was not complete. It did not contain the call to faith in Jesus Christ as the solution to the sinner’s problem. The sermon contained a graphic metaphor: a spider suspended on its thread above burning coals.

The New World Order is similarly suspended. Its thread has three strands: the banking system, the sovereign debt system, and the tax-funded school system.

Beginning in September 2008, the pinnacle of the American banking system has come under assault by its extension of debt to insolvent debtors. This was the subprime debt crisis. It was bailed out by the government and the Federal Reserve System. Next, the Greek debt crisis that began in April of 2010 has called the second strand into question. This has not been resolved. It threatens to spread to Portugal (surely), Italy (probably) and Spain (Armageddon).

If the banking system goes, the sovereign debt system goes. If the sovereign debt system goes, the banking system goes. Here are two drunks staggering down the road, holding up each other. The only long-term hope the politicians have is for hyperinflation to save the governments. But this will ruin banking. In the meantime, central banks inflate, commercial banks put the new money back with the central banks (excess reserves), and European politicians hold monthly summits to save the system, which don’t save the system.

We are back to the three legged stool on which the New World Order sits: money, politics, and education.

The NWO is the spider.

Then what are the coals? The Austrian theory of the business cycle.

Central bankers have a choice: inflate or die.

Commercial bankers have a choice: lend or increase excess reserves.

Politicians have a choice: kick the can or lose the next election.

Bureaucrats have a choice: thwart public opinion or retire.

European voters have a choice: Europhile Party A or Europhile Party B.

American voters have a choice: Council on Foreign Relations Team A or Council on Foreign Relations Team B.

Two strands of the thread will break. Voters have nothing to say about which one. The NWO can at best decide the order in which they break.


The battle has been going on between the Prussian model and the Oxford-Cambridge-Harvard model since 1806. The Prussian model is winning. The NWO must recruit from among the bright people who survived the exams.

The other recruits are very rich people who, for a time, can buy their way in by submitting to the existing worldview. But their successors have no guarantee of continuity. Think: “Kodak.”

The monetary system is facing a monumental crisis. So is the sovereign debt system. For both systems, the handwriting is on the wall. The Austrian School analysts see it. Others also see it, but keep saying, “We can fix it if we face up to our problems and stop kicking the can.” But the politicians kick the can. Always. No exceptions. That is what the voters want them to do.

This leaves education. For continuity of power, the NWO has only its worldview and its system of educational sanctions.

American parents have a choice: pull their kids out of school or keep them in and pray. This is not a choice in Europe. It is illegal to pull them out without putting them in somewhere else: a state-licensed private school.

The NWO has control over most of the education system in America. But this tight grip is beginning to weaken.


The biggest sign of this weakening is the rise of the home school movement. Mothers are becoming teachers. We are seeing the revival of a pre-Massachusetts, pre-Prussian system of education.

State governments have tried to stop this. They have made it difficult in some cases, but they have not made it impossible.

The federal government tried, but only once. That was in 1994, the first year of graphic Web browser. It was a great victory. Doug Phillips tells the story. He is the son of conservative activist Howard Phillips, a Harvard grad.

Under the leadership and direction of HSLDA’s [Home School Legal Defense Association] visionary founder and president Michael Farris, I launched a national e-mail alert and physically gathered a brigade of valiant home educators to descend upon the Capitol en masse. For eight days, HSLDA spearheaded a grassroots campaign of homeschool activists which maintained the single most effective barrage of calls in the history of Washington D.C. It would prove so effective that one Chief of Staff told me: “My office has received 600 calls today. We have decided to vote for your amendment. Please tell your people to stop calling. We don’t need any more convincing… Don’t get me wrong, I believe in democracy, it’s just that we have had about as much democracy as we can handle for one day.” Dean Clancy, assistant to Congressman Armey would comment: “Do you realize what you have done? You have shut down Capitol Hill. Nothing is getting done up here because everyone is answering calls from home schoolers.” In the end, home educators were successful.

When the vote was taken, there was only one “yea” – the poor sap who had introduced the bill.

For almost three decades, the main home school mothers have been Christians. They have had limited choices for curriculum materials. Today, because of the Web, there are hundreds of choices. The parents can mix various programs.

Dr. Arthur Robinson designed a $200, K-12 self-educational curriculum for delivery on CD-ROM. Buy it once per family. He recommended the Saxon math program. But Saxon math is now superseded by the cutting-edge program for math that is online for free: Millions of students are using it.

This is clearly the wave of the future. It costs little or nothing to provide students with a self-educating program. Technology is decentralizing. Parents can find a wide variety of programs for children with varying skills. The delivery system is essentially free if you have high speed internet access. The main cost now is time.

Large families are the main beneficiaries of home schooling. The tuition-based private school system was geared to small families. The costs were high for large families. But size is no longer a factor, once a parent adopts a self-teaching curriculum. The student goes at his own pace.

Once a student learns self-education, he is ready for AP, CLEP, and DSST exams. For under $2,000, a student can quiz out of the first two years of college. This is where most of the indoctrination goes on. The home school student reads a textbook, does the usual cramming, takes the exam, and forgets the textbook. All students do this. But this way, colleges do not make a dime.

This will kill college finances as it spreads. The schools make their big money on freshman and sophomore students in large classes graded by teaching assistants. These students’ tuitions subsidize the upper division students.

By using DSST exams, he can quiz out of upper division. He can graduate at 18. I am working with a young man who did this. His college cost under $14,000, total. He earned a B.A. degree from an accredited college.

Here are college-level courses and resources that are offered free of charge.

Non-Christians are beginning to see the light. In New York City, where private school tuition is $14,000 a year, parents are home schooling.

A combined Daily Beast/Newsweek article on home schooling is mostly positive. This indicates that home schooling is moving out of the Christian ghetto into the New York City liberal ghetto.


Step by step, technology is decentralizing education. The ability of the NWO to control this will fade. Why? Two words – the most hated of all words for the NWO: price competition.

Price competition is the way of free markets. There is no way to reverse it. The NWO will see its continuity undermined by the free market: in monetary policy, in sovereign debt, and in education. It will not survive.

The challenge now is to begin to take steps to replace the three pillars with something else. I suggest the following: the gold coin standard, zero-debt civil government, and the abolition of all academic accreditation by civil governments.

In short, shrink the state.

February 8, 2012

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