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Recently by Brian Wilson: A Post-SOTU Analysis

A post-Florida Primary Review.

Of sorts.

Another primary; another late night of Required Talk Show Homework. While much happened that deserves comment, one big, fat lie must be mentioned.

An alleged reporter on Faux News said “Romney got the most votes in all categories, women … and the Tea Party.” These Fox clowns already have zero credibility with me. They don’t have to French kiss

Romney in public to prove it.

The Tea Party is on my Naughty List. After all that talk about reading the Constitution and history and the Founding Fathers and generally learning what is the real America, nothing, not a dent. They are just the same conservatives they started out as; louder than most about the craziness in the Logic Free Zone. Their cause is just and I support them completely. I just don’t want them to tell me they have the Constitution in their heart.

I don’t care if you like Ron Paul. I’m not asking you to vote for him. Just don’t tell me you believe in the US Constitution while you’re chasing your latest conservative heart throb. So you don’t like Paul’s foreign policy. That’s fine but what is unconstitutional about it? You don’t like Paul’s crazy libertarian morals. Again, tell me what is unconstitutional about them?

If your candidate is Santorum or Newt, as an exercise for yourself, write down their campaign promises and the constitutional authority to make those promises come true. It is not that what you believe is wrong. It is just not the job of the federal government to provide it. If you are “taxed enough already,” how can you complain about liberals illegally using the federal government to implement their form of government instead of your unconstitutional desires? Let us free ourselves of the DC ruling class and take our fight to our own state capitals. (Have you read your Tom Woods today?)

If Romney is you candidate, why are you even hangin' with the Tea Party? Join the blow-dried boobs on the other side of my TV. After Mitt rids the free world of Obamacare (Rommneycare living large,) then what? He’ll run the government like a business? He’s use the government to run the economy like a business? How can any rational person think to run a Free Market? Just get the hell out of our way!

All I want from the next president is a whole lot of “not.” I want the next president to NOT be telling me how to run my life. I want the next president to NOT be taxing me into the poor house. I already have a wife, family and bass fishing addiction to spend me there. I want the next president to NOT tax me for other people’s retirement. Hey! Who is going to pay for mine? I want the next president to NOT tax the rich. They employ me. I want the next president to NOT create more regulations than the entire Written History of Mankind. I want the next president to NOT spend my money buying other peoples votes.

I want everyone to look deep into their own souls and ask if their president will NOT be on my back, NOT be reaching in my pocket and NOT putting his hands in my pants where strangers shouldn’t go.

Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who wants to be the president and NOT do something for me. When your Mitt loses to Obama, I will be hangin' with the Mayans and laughing at your Doom!