Iranian False Flag?

What if the News Media Reports Missiles Launched From the Iranian Coast Hit a US Aircraft Carrier With Deaths and Casualties?

by Bill Sardi

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"We interrupt this broadcast for an important News bulletin…. We take you to reporter Manfred Smith on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf for this special report." (Reporter Smith) "I'm here on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln where casualties are being taken from the USS Carl Vinson which sustained damage earlier today in a shocking pre-dawn attack on US Naval forces here in the Persian Gulf. At least one hundred body bags are now housed in a makeshift morgue below decks, and casualties are running in the hundreds. Radar tracking shows evidence of sea-skimming missiles, likely shoulder-fired, possibly as many as three launched from the coast of Iran, that struck the Vinson amidships. You can see in the distance smoke billowing from the USS Vinson now some six hours after the sudden surprise attack. US Navy authorities said the close proximity of the ship to the coast made it impossible to defend against this missile attack. The USS Eisenhower remains positioned 30 miles further away from Iran's coast than the USS Vinson. US military authorities are saying a swift and decisive retaliatory blow against Iran is now underway and US military aircraft are now attacking pre-determined military targets with full force. Iranian authorities in Tehran issued a denial of their involvement in the attack, but an Iranian mullah is claimed to have said, I quote: u2018This should serve the Great Satan notice they don't belong here.' Iranian President Ahmadinejad had previously warned Iran would retaliate against sanctions imposed by the US on his country. This is Manfred Smith with XXX News aboard the USS Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf."

If the American public were suddenly shocked by the news that three shoulder-fired missiles launched from the coast of Iran had hit a US aircraft carrier in the Straits of Hormuz and killed 200 navy personnel, would even one American question whether this report was accurate in its assumption that the regime in Iran was behind the missile attack?

How easy it would be for any party that wanted to instigate war to place saboteurs on Iran's coast to aim shoulder-fired missiles at a US aircraft carrier positioned near the Straits of Hormuz where a third of the world's oil tankers pass every day.

The very first posting I submitted to Lew Rockwell over a decade ago was entitled "Remember The Maine." It was about events, all at sea, that triggered all the modern major world wars. All were staged events. I repeat them here:

February 15, 1898: “Remember the Maine.” Mysterious explosion rocks the battleship MAINE in Havana Harbor, Cuba. 266 men were killed. Initially it was believed a torpedo or mine caused the explosion. On April 25, 1898 the US declared war on Spain. A 1976 investigation found that the Maine was sunk due to a self-inflicted blast, probably as a result of coal bunker fire on board.

May 7, 1915: The British steamship Lusitania was sunk by a German torpedo on the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean. 100 Americans lost their lives. The result was the US was brought into WWI. It was not revealed at the time that the Lusitania, a passenger boat, was carrying arms and munitions.

December 7, 1941: How was President Roosevelt going to convince the American public to enter into war with the Japanese when the US was headed for war with Germany? Japanese bombers, launched from aircraft carriers, bombed Pearl Harbor and sunk the US Pacific Fleet in a so-called surprise attack. Over 2000 died. The US knew of the threat of war and had intercepted the “East-Wind Rain” secret code of the Japanese Pacific fleet. Japan had closed all its embassies in the Pacific rim the week prior to Pearl Harbor, which is an overt sign of war. US aircraft carriers had been removed from Pearl Harbor days before the bombing.

Admiral Kimmell in Hawaii was intentionally kept in the dark that the Japanese fleet was nearby. A surprise attack it wasn't. The US navy actually fired the first shots, launching depth charges at the entrance to Pearl Harbor after detecting an unidentified submarine an hour before Japanese aircraft bombed US Navy ships moored in the harbor. President Roosevelt appeared before Congress, declared Pearl Harbor a “day in infamy,” and the rest is history.

August 5, 1964: President Johnson orders the US to take retaliatory action against Vietnam after “renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf on Tonkin” (Vietnam). There were no new attacks against American ships.

The news media reported a lie, leading over 50,000 Americans to their death and millions of casualties.

October 12, 2000: A small bomb-carrying vessel swiftly approaches the The USS COLE, an American destroyer, docked in Yemen to re-fuel. An explosion ripped a gaping hole in the side of the ship. Eighteen sailors died and 35 others were wounded. The bombing occurs on the eve of the Presidential debates, and as rumors that Iraq is moving troops in the Middle East, as well as riots in Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister of Israel, says during a television interview that the same people who conducted terrorism in Jerusalem bombed the USS Cole.

Don't be duped into going to war solely over reports of bombings of US Navy boats in far off lands where we the facts of the event are completely controlled by one source, the government. Remember the Maine!

Scene 3, Take 2

There is a similar situation today. Avi Perry, a former intelligence expert for the Israeli government and professor at Northwestern University, recently wrote this in the Jerusalem Post:

"Iran, just like Nazi Germany in the 1940s, will take the initiative and u2018help' the US president and the American public make up their mind by making the first move, by attacking a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian attack on an American military vessel will serve as a justification and a pretext for a retaliatory move by the US military against the Iranian regime. The target would not be Iran's nuclear facilities. The US would retaliate by attacking Iran's navy, their military installations, missile silos, airfields. The US would target Iran's ability to retaliate, to close down the Strait of Hormuz. The US would then follow by targeting the regime itself….. under this u2018Pearl Harbor' scenario, in which Iran had launched a u2018surprise' attack on the US navy, the US would have the perfect rationalization to finish them off, to put an end to this ugly game…. 2012 will see to a new war. This time, Iran will initiate it. "

It is difficult to educate a largely patriotic American population that the US has in the past, and is likely in the future, to provoke America into a military conflict not only by issuance of propaganda to soften up the masses against an alleged enemy like Iran, but to also incite the enemy to "fire the first shot" or deceive Americans into believing the enemy instigated the war. US sanctions against Iran are now beginning to take economic effect there and the regime there is talking about austerity measures.

Didn't the US government foresee its current economic collapse, and knowing America's reliance upon oil from the Middle East, which sucks money out of America with no off-setting exports to these Arabic countries other than military weapons, plan to overtake these oil-rich foreign countries and capture their oil?

The US is the world's largest consumer of petroleum. The US purchases about $1 billion for oil every day from overseas sources. This has led to a miserable balance of trade situation. So why not demonize oil-producing countries to soften up the American people into the idea of capturing their oil under the guise that pre-emptive action needs to be taken against these foreign countries before they attack first?

The U.S. is becoming more energy independent by fracking oil from the earth's crust, but it can't control oil-producing countries with its purchasing power as easily as it had in the past. For example, Iran sells a great deal of its oil to India via Turkey serving as an intermediary. India is a country that is not participating in the sanctions against Iran. Furthermore, India is paying Iran in rupees instead of using the US dollar as the reserve currency for trade.

Thanks to the internet it is more widely known that the US, one year prior to 9-11, published a document entitled Project For A New American Century that outlined how the US intended to dominate global trade and finance by a policy of military domination and deceptive provocations. This document called for "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor," which would galvanize US public opinion in support of a war.

Sadly, busy Americans are not likely to realize that financially broke regimes go to war to hide their economic sins. Bank holidays can be declared, currency devalued, reckless spending justified, freedoms restricted, all because America is now under wartime rules.

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