9 Sure Fire Ways To Stay on Track With Your Prepping

The Survival Mom

  1. Read a survival-related book each month. Alternate fiction with how-to books. The fiction will remind you of what life might be like post-SHTF (scary!) and the how-to books will provide tips and strategies for being prepared. Check out my list of 31 books I recommend.

  2. Follow the Skill of the Month and choose your own skill(s) to master each month.
  3. Join a Meetup group or take a class that will help hone your survival and preparedness skills. Meeting with others will hold you accountable for accomplishing something each month.
  4. Check your daily habits for time-wasters. If you find yourself too busy to think about preparedness and take action, well, those waking hours are going somewhere! It’s easy to let time slip through our fingers, especially in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and no, I haven’t been spying on you! I just know how time flies and how easy it is to get lost in things that are fun but not terribly productive.
  5. Get a Survival Mom buddy to exchange ideas with. If you’ve told a friend that you’re going to can apples this weekend and you know she’ll be asking about it, you might be less likely to procrastinate. It’s also nice to have a partner for learning new skills.

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