Cancer, Aids, and Vaccinations

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Is there a link between cancer and the polio vaccine? There is a good chance that there is, according to a Baylor University study released on February 18, 1999 and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. At the time, the announcement sent shockwaves throughout the medical establishment and caused a great deal of public alarm. After all, who hasn’t had at least one polio shot?

But this wasn't new knowledge. In 1987, a San Antonio physician, Dr. Eva Snead (1942-2008), stumbled across information linking vaccines to a host of diseases from AIDS and leukemia to other forms of cancer while doing research for a book on AIDS. For her efforts in trying to warn the public, she was vilified by her medical peers, ridiculed by government officials, and ignored by the major media. Even a popular radio talk host, a personal friend, was reluctant to put her on the air until the Baylor story broke.

It was while doing the initial research for her book at the University of Texas Health Science Center library in 1987 that Dr. Snead discovered how the viruses associated with these dreaded diseases are spread. The same evidence convinced her that there was an active cover-up within the federal government and the medical/scientific communities. In 1992, she published her findings in a hefty two volume work titled Some Call it AIDS, I Call It Murder.

The foremost virologists studying AIDS, Drs. Robert Gallo and Luke Montaignard, agree that it is a virus from the African green monkey that causes AIDS. They have designated this virus HIV for human immunodeficiency virus. Another virus carried by the African green monkey is SV-40, or simian virus 40. Its clinical manifestations in laboratory animals are identical to those produced by HIV. In other words, SV-40 causes symptoms similar to AIDS. It is also linked to tumor growth and birth defects. Dr. Janet Butel of the Baylor College of Medicine, the lead author of the Baylor study, stated, “I feel strongly that research is warranted to determine how common human infections by SV40 may be, and what factors might predispose individuals to SV40-related tumors.”

SV-40 is the genetic glue which permits different DNAs to recombine to produce mutations and anomalies, and which allows toxic substances to penetrate cells more readily. Human blood specimens preserved frozen for 25 years have been found contaminated with this virus. More importantly, wherever SV-40 goes, so goes HIV and other green monkey viruses. The question is, how did these viruses find their way into humans so quickly and uniformly? Dr. Snead found the answer in 1987, and the Baylor study did so in 1999.

According to sources cited by Dr. Snead, cells from the African green monkey have been used since 1953 as a growth medium for the polio vaccine. The use of the polio vaccine contaminated with green monkey virus is probably responsible for the current epidemics in child cancers, birth defects, and AIDS. These diseases, coincidentally, increased dramatically after the introduction of the polio vaccine. No one knows how many batches of this vaccine have been contaminated over the years, but exposed individuals may range in the millions. Despite assurances to the contrary, Dr. Snead insisted until her death in July 2008 that the polio and other vaccines remained contaminated with animal viruses. She coined the term Immunization Related Syndrome (IRS) for the diseases associated with these contaminated vaccines. (Coincidentally, the initials are the same as those of another well-known pathogen plaguing our society.)

At the beginning of the Persian Gulf War, Dr. Snead predicted that many of the servicemen taking part in Desert Shield/Desert Storm would develop symptoms similar to those which are now associated with the Persian Gulf syndrome. She based her prediction on her research into vaccines, a careful investigation of the medical literature, and her knowledge of biology and medicine. She concluded that dangerous viruses are routinely and knowingly injected into military personnel, a claim verified in 2004 by investigative reporter Gary Matsumoto in his book Vaccine A, The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers. She warned that the viruses do not affect all servicemen the same way, nor do they necessarily affect them immediately. Some lie dormant for decades until activated by other viruses to cause cancers and other ailments.

When Ralph Nader’s group, Public Citizen, sued Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney in January 1991 on behalf of all servicemen subjected to experimental vaccines, it based its case, in part, on Dr. Snead's research. A federal judge threw the case out because of the existing national emergency – the Persian Gulf War – so her discoveries never received the public hearing they deserved.

The Baylor study confirmed Dr. Snead’s claim of contaminated vaccines. Within days of its release, and after much criticism, a spokesman for the Baylor research team claimed that the study showed only a possible link between cancer and the polio vaccine, not a definite one. The spokesman insisted that the national media had taken its findings out of context. This statement effectively quashed the major media’s interest in the story.

It appears Dr. Snead's claim of a cover-up may be correct. In 1996, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a well-known health advocate, published in his book Emerging Viruses, the circa-1986 audio interview with Dr. Maurice Hillman (1919-2005), at the time a leading authority on vaccines and Chief of Merck Pharmaceutical's vaccine division. Dr. Horowitz found the interview at the National Library of Medicine on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Medical historian Dr. Edward Shorter had conducted the interview for WGBH television in Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series The Health Century produced by the Blackwell Corporation. The interview was never aired, however. In the interview, Dr. Hilleman acknowledges that vaccines given to millions of people worldwide contained the SV-40 virus which is associated with leukemia and other cancers. He also admits that the HIV virus was introduced to humans through vaccines created using HIV infected African monkeys.

The discovery of the Hillman interview vindicates Drs. Snead and Butel in their research concerning the origins of AIDS and the explosion of cancers since the introduction of the polio vaccine. Tragically, government agencies across the country are still forcing parents to immunize their children with what may still be contaminated vaccines before allowing them to attend school. In some cases, when parents refused to comply, they are arrested and their children taken into custody. It would be ironic if the people we have entrusted with our safety are responsible for unleashing what may prove to be a plague of Biblical proportions.