It All Started After His Assets Were Seized

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You might know of my friend and colleague Mark Nestmann. In case you don’t, Mark has become one of the world’s foremost authorities on international diversification, and he’s a frequent contributor to our publications.

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What you might not know about Mark is that his journey into international diversification began many years ago… after the government wrongfully seized his assets. It was a real wakeup call and taught him a hard lesson in how the world really works.

Fast forward a few decades, and Mark has literally written the book on international diversification. Well, several books, actually. His latest update to the Lifeboat Strategy (available at his website, is a top-down, comprehensive guide to the multitude of options that you may want to consider for your own strategy.

I really want to encourage you to listen to the interview I just conducted with Mark; it’s about 20-minutes and jam-packed full of useful information… like how to avoid living in a police state, what the future is for capital controls, and the top things you can be doing right now if you see the writing on the wall.