Overseas Radio Network to Launch with P.T. Freeman as Host

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In the first days of January 2012, the Overseas Radio Network will begin broadcasting, aiming at people who desire for one reason or another, to leave the United States and set up a new life elsewhere. It will be primarily talk radio that will be broadcasting online. There will approximately 40 show hosts with various themes and topics, most of whom are experts in their fields.

Yours truly (P.T.) will have a show entitled: “The Second Passports and Expatriation Report: The Life of a Perpetual Traveler.” This will be a 60 minute program that will commence at 16:00 US Eastern Time. My friend and colleague Mark Nestmann will be a guest on the show from time to time.

I invite you to join me each Friday as I discuss second passports, loss of nationality, immigration, travel experiences and opportunities abroad. We will also take calls from listeners during that time.

For further information, please see overseasradio.com.

Reprinted with permission from The Nestmann Group, Ltd.

P.T. Freeman is a friend, business partner, and former U.S. citizen who now resides in the Caribbean.